Banjo Bed – the comfy, cosy sleepover swag for kids

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Trying to change a kid’s sleep routine when you’re camping or visiting grandparents overnight is a recipe for the kind of sleeplessness you haven’t known since the newborn days. HylandFolk is trying to solve this problem with the Banjo Bed, a pillowy soft bedroll that lets kids bring a little piece of home wherever they rest their heads.

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Inspired by many sleepless nights on holidays with her kids, Bridget Hyland created the Banjo Bed ($199), a classic swag and daycare sheet set hybrid. The Banjo Bed has a foam mattress insert, a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow and pillow case. In cold weather, the top sheet can be stuffed with a fluffy doona, and the whole lot can be machine washed. When it comes time to store it, the Banjo Bed can be rolled up, secured with fabric ties and stowed neatly in a cupboard.

Banjo Bed Tilly Classic

There are two styles: Classic and Tilly. Classic is a red, white and blue canvas with navy and white gingham lining, and the Tilly is a chambray canvas with red spots, with red on white spotted lining.

The Banjo Bed is perfect for back garden camping adventures, sleepovers, family beach holidays or those weekends when the kids get shipped off to grandma’s for a good spoiling.

The Banjo Bed is available online and ships for $15 in Australia.


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