These magical baby moccasins come in a rainbow of cute colours

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Somewhere over the rainbow, a genius type hatched an idea for the world’s cutest baby moccasins and saw it from design stage right through to real life adorable baby shoe!

Rainbows on Your Toes

Rainbow bright!

These baby mocs by US label Freshly Picked are all your rainbow-hued dreams come true. They’ve got the cutest colourful designs, sweet fringed detailing and even a hologram sole for extra sparkle in your baby’s step! Get outta here! Too cute!

They’re not just a pretty face though. These handmade leather shoes feature elastic where you pop your child’s foot in, so they’re easy to put on and take off. The elastic also ensures they stay on your kiddo’s foot. The soles are super soft, yet still nice and durable and won’t have your toddler skidding all over the shop.

Rainbows on Your Toes

Color Cartwheel Baby Moccasins

This isn’t the first time that Freshly Picked have had parents feverishly hitting ‘add to cart’. Remember that time they released the Winnie the Pooh baby Mocs? And what about those adorable Disney Baby Mocs? And OMG the Care Bears ones!! 

What will they think of next?! 

Freshly Picked’s Rainbows on Your Toes baby moccasins and Color Cartwheels baby moccasins retail for between $60 and $80 at Freshly Picked and come in sizes to suit newborn babies through to three-year-olds.

Go get ’em, mums and dads (and nannas!)

Rainbows on Your Toes Rainbows on Your Toes

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