Style steal: New mum Meghan wore this special necklace after Archie’s birth

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As Duchess Meghan introduced baby Archie to the world with hubby Prince Harry by her side, keen-eyed followers of fashion noticed another very special detail – the necklace she was wearing.

Fashionable messages

Meghan’s wardrobe is always carefully chosen, with items sending messages about sustainability, body acceptance and perhaps even how she’s currently feeling.

When she stepped out a couple of days after giving birth to Archie, she wore a belted white Grace Wales Bonner trench dress, Manolo Blanhnik heels and a delicate Jennifer Meyer necklace. 

The jewellery designer is a firm favourite of Duchess Meg’s, and she’s worn her pieces before – most notably the ‘Mummy’ necklace. 

Now some commentators are suggesting that this new Jen necklace is tied to Meg’s postpartum recovery plans. Interesting, non?! Let us tell you more!

Turquoise for healing

The new Jennifer Meyer piece featured three tiny turquoise drops, which – it turns out – aligns with Meghan’s natural approach to pregnancy and birth.

“According to Heather Askinoise, co-founder of Energy Muse and co-author of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You, turquoise is believed to be a “master healer,” People magazine reports.

“It is a wonderful gemstone to connect with when you want to bring focus to your health,” Heather told the mag. “Turquoise is the perfect crystal for a new mom as it is said to bring blessings to those who wear it.”

The 3 Turquoise Mini Bezel Necklace by Jennifer Meyer retails for $1,072 and is handmade from 18-karat yellow gold. It features three small bezel-set turquoise cabochons on a fine 16″ chain.

You can snap one up here, if you want to mummy like Meg!


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