6 nail polishes that are safe to use while pregnant

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Although there’s no clear evidence to support the claim that nail polish is unsafe to use while pregnant, many believe it has the potential to be harmful to your unborn baby due to the amount of chemical toxins found in a lot of polish.

Luckily there are some safe options out there so you can still have a nice manicure, even if you’re expecting.

3-free for baby and me

How do you know if a nail polish is safe to use while pregnant?

Look for the ‘3-free’ note on the bottle. This means it doesn’t contain the three toxic chemicals most polishes contain: DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene and formaldehyde. These three chemicals may cause a number of serious health conditions such as hormone-production problems in a foetus (DBP); reproductive issues, headaches and itchy eyes (toluene); and formaldehyde has been linked to breathing problems and cancer.

Also be on the lookout for TPHP

In addition to this toxic trio, there are also a few other nasty chemicals found in some nail polishes which are thought to be harmful, such as TPHP (triphenyl phosphate), which is often added to make the polish more flexible and durable. In a highly concentrated form, TPHP may cause reproductive and developmental irregularities.

Which nail polish is actually safe to use?

If you like having painted nails it’s best to avoid crowded salons with potent fumes and stick to non-toxic, 3-free polishes that are safe to use when there’s a little one on board.

Here are six nail polish brands that are safe to use while pregnant.

OPI nail polish range of colours

1. OPI

The polish of choice for many nail salons, this popular lacquer has been around for a while now and a favourite among many because of its great durable quality and knockout colours. 

Available from David Jones.

Sally Hansen nail polish

2. Sally Hansen

This nail polish is all about achieving salon quality at home – perfect for expectant mums! There are lots of different lacquer types in the collection too – such as the Color Therapy, Miracle Gel, Complete Salon Manicure and Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear ranges.

Available from Priceline.

Essie nail polish range

3. Essie

One of the more affordable polishes on the market is created by female entrepreneur Essie Weingarten. There are 100 fun colours in the range to give you a unique and striking manicure.

Available from Cosmetic Capital.

Nailmatic Mum and Me nail polish range

4. Nailmatic

Not only is this great polish safe for pregnant women, but they also make special lacquers for kids that are non-toxic and even wash off with warm soapy water – no nail polish remover required! If you have an older child you can buy a special  ‘Mum and Me’ adult and child duo polish set. 

Available from Hard to Find.

Butter London nail polish range

5. Butter London

This was the polish of choice for mum of four, Rebecca Judd, when pregnant with her babies. These non-toxic nail lacquers come in a range of funky colours to suit any taste with fun, quirky names like The Fully Monty and No More Waity, Katie.

Available from Adore Beauty.

Chanel nail polish

6. Chanel

If you’re a labels fan, you’re in safe hands with Chanel. A colour palette full of rich and vibrant options; it’s also gentle on nails and super easy to apply. Magnifique!

Available from David Jones.


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