Roarsome! The cutest EVER dinosaur fashion range for boys and girls has landed

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The clever folk at Boden have just released a brilliant range of kids’ dinosaur fashion and you’d better snap your favourite pieces up quick-sticks if you have a peewee palaeontologist in your family!

Dinosaur dress-ups!

The new Boden range covers boys and girls aged 2 through to 12, as well as some baby garments too. 

Pieces feature all kinds of decorative bells and whistles, from appliqué to embroidery to metallic finishes.

It’s all designed to keep little people smiling and nurture their interest in the natural world (albeit a prehistoric one!)

Sensibly Boden have ensured that there are plenty of dinos for both girls and boys and they’re crafted in the label’s signature premium fabrics ensuring they’re as long-lasting as they are lovely.

It’s worth noting that Boden have very gorgeous kids and baby wear in general, so if dinosaurs aren’t your cup of tea, they will most definitely have something that is on their website (and perhaps something for the grown-up/s at your place, too?!)

Dinosaur roar!

That said, let’s take a peek through this excellent new and very colourful dinosaur range. Please note that some of these items are on sale right now, drastically marked down — if you’re quick! (In fact there is a whole heap of stuff on sale at Boden at the moment.)

The hardest part of this whole dinosaur story will be choosing the perfect prehistoric pieces for your favourite child. Fact is they’re all pretty ace! Perhaps you need to splash out on a dinosaur wardrobe?!

Take it away, Boden … RAWR!

Boden dinosaur range

Frill appliqué t-shirt (above)  – $40        

Embellished sweatshirt (below) – $28

Boden dinosaur range

Boden dinosaur range

Animal surf set (above) $44

Tropical scene t-shirt (below) $32

Boden dinosaur range

      Boden dinosaur range

Shiny creature t-shirt (above) – $16

Novelty jersey trouser (below) – $18

Boden Dinosaur kids' range

Boden dinosaur range

Boden dinosaur range

5 pack of boxers (above) – $37

7 pack sock box  (below) – $28

Boden dinosaur range

Boden dinosaur range

Dinosaur slippers (above) – $22

Embroidered dinosaur denim shirt (below) – $23

Boden dinosaur range

Boden dinosaur range

Graphic crew jumper (above) – $39

Teddy-lined anorak (below) – $48

Boden dinosaur rangeBoden kids' anorak


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