Kristen Toovey and Gary Eck: Coronavirus panic, influencer rights and more

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Writer and director, Kristen Toovey and comedian, Gary Eck join forces to pick apart the news and events of the week, from a parent’s perspective.

Those topics include:

  • Should parents be worried about novel coronavirus?
  • Do influencers have a right to use their children in posts when it generates income for the family?
  • The politics of kid’s birthday party invites
  • Kim and Kanye’s family home (and how yours compares)

Listen to Kristen Toovey and Gary Eck on The Parent Panel:

Novel coronavirus: real threat or media panic? 

If you’re susceptible to bad news, you may be feeling very nervous about novel coronavirus.

Particularly if you got a note from daycare or school about keeping kids home from school

How have you, friends and family been responding to the stories about the spread of the virus? Are most people level-headed or have you met parents who are genuinely worried about their kids? 

When do you get to own your parenting story? 

A teenager whose mum is an influencer has written about a fight with her mum about the right to post their image.

They asked their mum to stop posting about them, and when their mum didn’t stop, they ordered a hoodie with “‘no photos’, ‘no videos’, ‘I do not consent to be photographed’ and ‘no means no’. The mum argued that this is the way she makes money. 

At what point do bloggers need to stop writing about, or posting images of their children? What if they are making an income out of these stories? Or does that even matter? How much of the story being told is owned by the parent, and how much is owned by the child? 

How do you do invitations for birthday parties? 

School and daycare are back in full swing, and along with them the crazy chaos of birthday parties. Kindy is a particularly harrowing time, where children can invite the whole class to their party. Kasey Edwards has written about this conundrum this week. 

How do you “do” birthday party invitations? Do/ did you bite the bullet and ask the whole class? (and if you did, how did you remain solvent?) If you don’t ask the whole class, how did you do it? 

What really makes a family home?

Kim and Kayne have revealed their LA home in Architectural Digest, and it appears incredibly white and minimal. It’s hard to believe they have even one child, let alone four. 

What are the true signs of a house with children? At what age can one start to invest in white couches again?

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