“I can do a ponytail, that’s about it” Prince William talks Charlotte’s hair

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Prince William and Duchess Kate popped into a playground in Blackpool yesterday and the pair chatted to other parents about the challenges of preschooler hair.

“Have you tried to do a plait?”

The couple – who are parents to five-year-old Prince George, three-year-old Princess Charlotte and almost one-year-old Prince Louis – spoke to a chatty father who was part of the group Dads 4 Life. The dad revealed he’d slowly been getting the hang of styling his little girl’s hair and had found hair tutorials on YouTube super helpful.

William had his own idea on preschool hair-dos and he made them plainly known.

“Never try to do a ponytail!” the future king Prince William warned the dad, People Magazine reports.

“Nightmare,” he continued firmly.

Kate wanted to know the extent of this dad’s hair-do know-how.

“Have you tried to do a plait? It’s the weaving … really hard,” she confided.

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“A natural mother”

We know that Kate is pretty good at braiding hair, because last week she was filmed doing just that with some students from a Northern Ireland primary school. Royal watchers could not get enough of Kate’s hairdressing skills.

“Aw, imagine her doing this on Charlotte’s hair,” one posted on Twitter.

“Clearly she is a natural mother and loves being around and interacting with children,” another wrote.

“Awwww bless. Catherine is sooo good with children,” another fan commented.

“I can do her ponytail”

And look, despite his initial assertion that ponytails were really, really tricky, William has apparently semi-mastered this Lottie look.

“I can do her ponytail, but that’s about it as I don’t have enough hair to practice on!” he quipped.

Not such a nightmare after all!


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