Pool peepers: Could these be the cutest swimming goggles ever invented?

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The days are getting longer and warmer as the year hurtles toward a conclusion and summer is in our sights. That makes it the perfect time to empty out that musty swimming bag – and update your kids’ goggs!

Hello fancy face!

Luckily clever makers of swimmy eyewear have totally got your back. They’ve taken regular old goggles up a notch with added eyelashes, sprinkles and even cute animals.

No longer does your child need to have basic and utilitarian goggles that simply protect their eyes from stingy chemicals. Uh-uh. NOW they can swim comfortably with a much snazzier, fancy face!

A number of brands are making ace tech-ed up goggles for kiddos, but these ones – found in online store Leo and Bella – really caught our eye. Take a peek …

Bling20 goggles

Bling20 Cake Pop Goggles – $29.95 at Leo and Bella

crabby swimming goggles

Sunnylife Crabby Swimming Goggles – $19.95 at Leo and Bella

Ducky swimming goggles

Sunnylife Ducky Swimming Goggles – $19.95 at Leo and Bella

Donut goggles

Bling20 Donuts 4 U Goggles – $29.95 from Leo and BellaRainbow goggles

Sunnylife Rainbow Goggles – $19.95 from Leo and Bella

Lash splash goggles

Bling20 Splash Lash Goggles – $29.95 from Leo and Bella

Now you just have to work out which cute peepers are the perfect match for your little water baby! Hop to it!

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