Bespoke jewellery made from your breast milk, placenta or umbilical cord

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Yes, you read that right. Australian mother of three, Amy McGlade, has created an unusual jewellery business where women send in body products such as baby hair, breast milk, or umbilical cord and she turns them into beautiful jewellery pieces. It’s bizarre meets beautiful. Come take a look.

That first curl of baby hair, the stub of the umbilical cord, left over breast milk or the usually discarded placenta can all have a new life as beautiful jewellery items. The results are certainly lovely, but the idea of wearing jewellery made from body parts or fluids has split the Babyology team. What do you think?

Baby Bee Hummingbirds

Baby Bee Hummingbirds mixes your body products with a clear resin to create gems that are unique in every way. Milky white beads of breastmilk, stripes created with locks of hair, or spotted colours from dried umbilical cord crushed to a fine powder all feature in Amy’s amazing pieces. They are unlike anything else.

Baby Bee Hummingbirds umbilical cord necklace

These beautiful jewellery pieces can serve as a reminder of those early years of motherhood; the joys and the struggles, and a mother’s role as a creator and nurturer of life. Powerful stuff. While some of us find the idea of wearing body products a bit icky, we have to admit that these gems are gorgeous.

Baby Bee Hummingbirds

You can find more information about how these pieces are crafted and how to get your own unique jewellery piece made at Baby Bee Hummingbirds. Because each piece is handmade you can expect a wait of at least four weeks for an order to be completed. Gift certificates are also available and make for a very interesting baby shower gift.


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