Be quick! Converse has just released a Frozen 2 range for little kids

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The follow up to almost every little kid’s favourite movie – Frozen – is almost upon us and Converse is celebrating by buddying up with Disney to release a limited edition Frozen 2 range of kicks. Yippeeee!

Let it go-oooooo!

The film is due to hit cinemas on 28 November (tickets are on sale right now!) – but your favourite littlie can get kitted up in their Frozen 2 Cons right now!

The range is selling like hotcakes because a) these shoes are so gosh-darned adorable and b) Frozen fans are particularly passionate and can’t let it go.

The gang behind this drop is also extremely excited.

“Converse has partnered with Disney for a collection of iconic sneakers for everyone, embellished with sparkling motifs that transport you to the enchanted forest,” the folk at Converse explain.

“We’ve created a collection of dazzling designs with your favourite sisters to spark your adventures. From Elsa’s beautiful dress and Anna’s courageous spirit, to the mythical Nokk and Olaf’s carrot nose, all our favourite friends will be there.

And by there, they mean ON THESE CUTE SHOES!

Frozen 2 Converse for kids

Carrots and snowflakes and Velcro, oh my!

The Frozen 2 kicks come in a few different styles and are strictly limited edition – so be quick if you fancy some for your child.

There are two junior and three toddler choices ranging from high-top to low-top and featuring laces or Velcro closures. #Nifty!

Frozen 2 Converse for kids

Priced at between $70 and $80 a pair, Converse is softening the blow by making Afterpay available so that parents can spread the cost out over a couple of months.

It’s very hard to pick a favourite, but if you absolutely twisted our arm we’d go for the Olaf classic Chuck Taylor low-top which features a contrasting carrot-y Velcro strap to match his adorable snowman nose.

Or maybe the high-tops that feature Elsa. Oh, but the Anna ones are amazing too. #WeCannotChoose!

Grab yours over at the Australian Converse site before they sell out, champs! 

Frozen 2 Converse for kids



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