Babyology tests new LACURA skincare range with surprising results

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As a busy mum, I’ll admit I’m in a bit of a make-up and skincare rut. I just use what I always have – I haven’t really strayed from my go-to products for many years. But, of course, as we get older our skin changes (that’s a gentler way of saying we get wrinkles). Our favourite thrifty shopping destination ALDI, will tomorrow launch a new range of make-up and skincare as part of its Special Buys. It’s called LACURA Caviar – and your skin will love you for it.

Hats off to ALDI, which always manages to stay ahead of the game when it comes to launching products that are perfect for mums. This time, it’s a range of luxurious products for your skin – without a hefty price tag.

aldi caviar 1

I was gifted a very handy product to try, the LACURA Skin Science Caviar Power Foundation & Concealer. You know why I’m thinking this product is aimed at mums? Because it’s a multi-tasker. Enough said. It’s a foundation, concealer and mirror, all in one. And you don’t need anything fancy to apply it – just use your fingers.

aldi caviar

When you pop the lid, you’ll see a little mirror and the concealer, which I dabbed under my eyes, because: children = no sleep. It went on smoothly and easily, and seemed to give a much fresher appearance to the areas of my skin that were slightly darker. Then, within the bottle is the foundation. I loved the thick, creamy texture of the foundation – which to me always means great coverage, and I wasn’t disappointed. It left my skin pretty much flawless – I was really impressed. The concealer is matched to the foundation, so there’s no guesswork, just find your perfect colour and you’re sorted. All this for just $19.99 – which wouldn’t usually cover the cost of a concealer alone.

The new LACURA range from ALDI is all about combating ageing skin – by harnessing a rather unusual ingredient – caviar. It’s known for its ability to make skin look fresher and each of the products in the Caviar Power range includes this magic ingredient, as well as other anti-ageing goodies.

Speaking of the range, here’s what else you’ll be able to find at your local Aldi:

aldi caviar 5

The LACURA Skin Science Caviar Power Day Cream ($24.99), which is all about moisturising and hydrating your skin all day. There’s also a Night Cream version ($24.99), which gets to work while you sleep (no matter how few hours you manage to get!).

aldi caviar 6

If you’re looking for instant gratification, there’s the new LACURA Skin Science Caviar Power Intensive Lifting Gel Masks, which are $29.99 for four. These masks give your skin an instantly lifted appearance through the use of a natural ingredient – Soy Phytoplacenta Extract.

aldi caviar 4

The range also includes LACURA Skin Science Caviar Power Exfoliating Peeling Pearls ($19.99) – which will get rid of the day’s worries by removing the dead skin cells from your face and neck area. They’re also a brilliant make-up remover.

Finally, there’s the LACURA Skin Science Caviar Power Serum ($29.99). This little bottle packs quite the punch, with each of the black gel-like pearls housing a potent formula that’s aimed at anti-ageing and helping fight moisture loss.

Remember to keep a look out each week at ALDI for the Wednesday and Saturday Special Buys. There’s generally a rush on each week to get your hands on these items before they sell out, and if you just can’t wait to see what’s landing at your ALDI – you can get a sneak peek online, through ALDI’s newsletter or app a week before.

(This is a sponsored post for ALDI)


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