Mum turns to Facebook to try and find daughter’s dad after holiday fling

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It’s a situation no one expects. Kerryn Leigh arrived home after a holiday in New Zealand where she enjoyed a fling with an Aussie man only to discover she was pregnant.

Thirteeen years later Kerryn is turning to social media in an attempt to find the man for the sake of her daughter.

Kerryn Leigh has a first name – Rodney. She has a date – 13 years and nine months ago. And she has a town – Queenstown, New Zealand.

But the Perth mum-of-one is leaving the rest to social media in an attempt to locate her holiday fling that resulted in the birth of her daughter, 13-year-old Imi.

“Two broken people got together one night,” Kerryn-Leigh tells WA Today. And while it was meant to end that night, it didn’t. Nine months later, one week short of her 40th birthday, Kerryn gave birth to her daughter.

“I was almost 40 years old with a baby in my arms with a man I didn’t know. I was coping with what I had. I should have let him know. He deserved to know,” Kerryn explains.

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Kerryn isn’t going on much information but she is determined to find the man and, with the help of Facebook, she just might.

“I’m pretty sure Rodney surfs but that’s about it,” Kerryn admits.

The other facts that Kerryn remembers include who he was with during the holiday (two mates, both named John), where one of the friends worked (a box factory in Brisbane) and a vague recollection of what Rodney looked like (pale complexion, average height with possibly reddish long scruffy hair).

Kerryn also recalls that Rodney revealed at the time he had recently split from his partner, with whom he had a two-year-old daughter. That child would now be 15 years old.

Since Kerryn posted her story two weeks ago, the photos have been shared over 14,000 times and Kerryn has been contacted by several men named Rodney who don’t quite fit the bill.

However, Kerryn isn’t giving up hope. While she planned on keeping her search a secret from her daughter it’s been a little hard to hide.

“I didn’t want to get her hopes up” – but the post started to go viral,” Kerryn said. “She’s a bit excited … She is embracing it all. If nothing comes of it, she knows I tried.”

Last year, a French tourist who posted a video online looking for the Australian father of her unborn baby was revealed to be a hoax.

(via WA Today)


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