9 scrunchies that are guaranteed to fancy up your mum bun

Posted in Beauty and Fashion.

Pinterest has just released a report on the top 100 trends that will define 2020, and if you’ve read this far you are probably guessing that scrunchies are one of them? Spot on! Genius!

Top of the Pinterest pops

Scrunchies are one of the next decade’s hottest trends, Pinterest tells us, with interest in the hair-accessory-turned-bangle up more than 6,000 percent.

In particular, fancy scrunchies are the new big thing, with the ’80s and ’90s fave now being crafted from leather and velvet or fashioned into cute bows or oversized looks.

Because Babyology mums are naturally on the cutting edge of fashion, we’re certain many already have a scrunchy sorting out their hair.

But you know, there’s always room for a fresh bit of scrunch on one’s dressing table.

Here are some likely candidates to smarten up your mum bun …


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