20 of summer’s cutest swimmers for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Posted in Beauty and Fashion.

Summer is just days away, so what better time to snap up a cute swimsuit for your kiddo than right this minute?!

Surf’s up!

This season there are frills, cute creatures, irresistible prints and pretty colour combos in spades (and buckets too).

We’ve chosen a variety of different price points and included something for every kid personality, whether it’s junior palaeontologist, day dreamer, surfer, athlete, zoologist-to-be … or something else altogether.

Also? There are lots of sun-safe suits in this edit which offer plenty of coverage for precious baby skin and protection from dangerous UV rays. 

We’ve left out swimmers that are a bit uncomfortable, togs that fall down and those that slip off shoulders or pinch in all the wrong places.

Instead we’ve gone for options that are built for style and comfort … the hardest bit will be picking a winner!



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