12 ridiculously adorable ways to go ‘matchy-matchy’ with your child

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One of the great things about having very small children is that you can (sometimes) dress them any old kooky-cute way you like.

Once they’re a little bit more grown-up, they’ll reject your wardrobe choices in favour of their own quirky kid-style. Darnit!

For now, however, it’s open season, so why not get things started in ridiculously adorable matchy-matchy style! Here’s a bunch of ways to do that…


Mum and daughter matching dresses

1. Mummy and me duck print dresses

This print is absolutely gorgeous and this shop has a whole host of mum and daughter options for you to sneak a peek at.

by OffOn

Mum and daughter flower crowns

2. Mummy and daughter flower crowns

Dress yourself and your kidlet in super-pretty, floral queen style!

By Daddy Says Yes Boutique

Parent and kid matching dinosaur tails

3. Dad and kid dinosaur tail set

Also ace for mums and kids, this dinosaur tail set is perfect for the wild things at your place. There are more tails in-store, too.

By Mr Tail

Bear family matching mugs

4. Bear family mug set

Too hot? Too cold? Just right? It doesn’t matter because this mug set will make everything cute and delicious!

By Lace and Twig

Dad and kid matching tee sets

5. Dad and kid OG and remix tee set

We like your new stuff better than your old stuff … You gotta love a remix!

By KaAnsDesigns

Mum and baby matching PJ set

6. Mum and bub PJ set

Okay STOP! This is too adorbs. If you know a mum-to-be or a new mum, this is the perfect present. Hurry up and buy one already! Dying of the cuteness!

By PJ Mamma

Dad and kid tie and suspender set

7. Suspender and tie dad and kid set

Too dressy for a tee? To casual for a tie? This set treads the middle ground in adorable/funny style.

By Chic Couture Boutique

Mum and daughter matching sandals

8. Mum and mini-me pompom gladiator sandals

Pompoms? Check! Pattern? Check! Colour? Yep! These cute sandals are double the fun and a mum and mini-me Summer must-have.

By ZoesBlings

Sun's out, guns out dad and kid singlet set

9. ‘Sun’s out, guns out!’ singlet set

Titter! These are too funny not to buy and possibly the perfect Christmas BBQ outfit for the fit parent/kid in your life.

By ShanonaDesigns

Mum and baby messy bun tee set

10. Mum and baby life tees

These messy-hair-don’t-care-themed tees are a perfect pair for busy mamas and littlies.

By Our5Loves

Dad and baby pizza tee set

11. Dad and kid pizza tee set

Because every baby aspires to eat pizza, just like the ‘rents, amiright?!

By XenoTees

Mummy and me earring set

12. Mummy and me earring set

June and Penny have a range of cute jewellery, but we can’t go past these tiny gold mummy-and-me studs.

By June and Penny


The trickiest bit is choosing between all these double-trouble ideas! Good luck with that!



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