Owww! 11 pain relief hacks for mums recovering from birth

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No matter the delivery method, giving birth to a human being is so darn demanding on your body. You hurt everywhere, all your bits are in…bits, and there’s a baby literally feeding off you or needing you. Hospital can help but once you hit home you’re on your own. Sore mummas we hear you – here’s 11 pain relief hacks to try.

1. Ice ice baby

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When you’re facing a screaming crime scene down there you’ve got to get some ice on your privates STAT – particularly if you’ve had a tear, stitches, varicose veins of the vulva or haemorrhoids. DO NOT just stick some cubes in your undies though. Grab a sanitary pad, make some slits and slide them inside, THEN put the pad on. You’ll need the pad anyway because of the post-partum bleeding (you can freeze the whole pad too if you like). Other options are to freeze a condom full of water, wrap in a light cloth and place in your pad or directly between your bum cheeks (covering the back end, perineum and vagina).

What are YOUR best tips and tricks for helping ease pain after having a baby?!






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