Pink’s daughter hospitalised – as fans warn monkey bars are very dangerous

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Pink just shared a shot of her seven-year-old daughter in a hospital bed on Instagram, explaining that Willow had been injured on the monkey bars.

“Monkey bars from hell”

The much-loved singer told her five million followers that Willow got into a bit of a tussle with a set of monkey bars, and the monkey bars won.

That said she noted that Willow is actually okay – and that the time they spent in the emergency department was surprisingly well spent.

“Monkey bars from hell,” Pink captioned the image. “ER convos with my soulchild. #shesfine Her fav part of all of this is that she doesn’t have to do her chores.”

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Monkey bars from hell. ER convos with my soulchild. #shesfine Her fav part of all of this is that she doesn’t have to do her chores.

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Pink’s followers sent their well-wishes and hugs for the mother of the patient, but they were also pretty keen to talk about their various experiences and issues with this pesky-yet-popular piece of playground equipment.

“My son broke both his arms on the monkey bars,” one mum wrote. “He fell and used his arms to break his fall and they snapped in two. Hope she heals fast.”

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“My oldest son broke his arm from a fall from the good ole monkey bars when he was in kindergarten. Surgery to repair. 3 pins. Eek. Prayers for your little one,” a traumatised mum recalled.

“One of my students fell off the monkey bars yesterday and broke her arm in two places! Monkey bars from hell for sure!” one teacher explained.

“My son 4 years ago fell off the monkey bars,” one mum posted, like it was yesterday. “Dislocated elbow, broke small bone on corner of elbow and two green stick fractures. Surgery and plaster. All good now. Mum still emotional. Get well soon willow. Thinking of you Pink.”


Monkey bars are the piece of playground equipment most likely to cause injuries, mostly because they are very high off the ground.

Back in 2015 The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) issued a warning about the dangers of monkey bars, explaining that even when kids used the equipment properly they may sustain injuries that result in broken bones (often requiring surgery!)

I admit the only accident I’ve ever had on the monkey bars involved unwittingly showing my undies to the whole playground, but the legend of the arm-breaking ‘backwards waterfall’ always loomed large. I most certainly was not capable of the tricks this young YouTuber (below) is busting out.


And nor, it would seem, is Willow – for the time being at least. Here’s hoping she is fully recovered from her monkey bar mishap very soon.



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