Choking risk: IKEA has recalled a popular bib over safety concerns

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If you or someone you know shops at IKEA for baby products, here’s an important warning.

IKEA bib recall

Swedish retailer IKEA has just issued a safety recall on a popular baby bib set, explaining that these bibs could pose a choking risk for littlies.

The MATVRÅ bib – which comes in a 2-pack featuring a red and blue bib – is the product in question.

“IKEA takes product safety very seriously. All our products are tested and comply with applicable standards and legislation,” IKEA says in a statement on its Facebook page.

“In spite of this we have received reports that the press stud on the MATVRÅ bibs can come off and thus presents a choking hazard.”

What if I have this bib?

If you have this bib/s you should stop using it immediately. You can return the bib/s to IKEA for a full refund or exchange for a similar product. Proof of purchase is not required.

IKEA says it’s just this particular bib set affected, and not any of the other baby bibs they sell.

What if I can’t get to IKEA?

If you live too far away from a store to head in, IKEA suggests contacting them via Facebook Messenger to organise your refund or exchange, or calling them on the numbers below:

ACT/NSW – 02 8020 6641
Queensland — 07 3380 6800
Victoria/Tasmania — 03 8523 2154
South Australia — 08 8154 4532
Western Australia — 08 9201 4532

IKEA is recalling the children’s bib MATVRÅ, Blue/Red 2-pack, due to choking hazard. IKEA takes product safety very…

Posted by IKEA on Monday, 30 September 2019

IKEA recalls – buyer beware?

IKEA may say they take product safety seriously, but they’ve had a number of recalls on children’s products over the last decade.

Earlier this year they recalled the SUNDVIK Change Table/Chest of Drawers because it was a toppling hazard and could fall on small children if not secured to the wall.

In 2017 IKEA recalled 29 million MALM dressers and chests after they are found to have toppled on multiple children and caused the deaths of nine kids.

In 2016 they recalled their PATRULL, PATRULL KLAMMA and PATRULL FAST Safety Gates because the locking mechanism was faulty and children were able to open them (and fall downstairs etc.) They had a similar safety gate recall the year before, too.

Also in 2016, they recalled their kids’ Bat Cape Dress-Up Costume because it posed a strangulation risk.

And in the same year, they recalled their children’s LATTJO Drum Sticks and LATTJO Tongue Drum because the ball on the end of the drumstick could be detached and then swallowed by kids.

“IKEA isn’t alone”

We spoke to CHOICE managing editor Margaret Rafferty about this recall today, and she explained that the safety of products sold in Australia is a serious issue across the board.

“IKEA isn’t alone in having to recall unsafe products and we believe it would be better if products were safe before they went on sale,” Margaret told Babyology.
“CHOICE wants a General Safety Provision that prevents bad products from reaching the shelves in the first place. Everyone from manufacturers through to retailers should be legally required to make sure their products are safe first. Laws like these are already operating in other countries, like the UK.
“Unfortunately, Australia has no such law. While our consumer protection law is extensive, there’s no explicit obligation placed on businesses to make sure they sell safe products – it’s left to parents, consumer advocates and regulators to highlight and get these problems fixed after the fact.
“CHOICE has been calling for the introduction of a general safety provision for the last decade, but we’re not there yet.”


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