Big W have recalled a popular portacot: Here’s what you need to know

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Australian retailer, Big W have placed a voluntary recall on a popular portacot on Friday, citing a potential “risk of injury” to babies.

Risk of injury to babies

The Dymples Portacot has been sold across all Big W stores over the last four years, but – worryingly – does not comply with Australian Standards, Big W says in Friday’s recall notice.

It’s not the first time Big W’s baby equipment has been flagged as having potential issues. Channel 7 recently spoke to a mum whose baby had been injured while sleeping in the company’s Lullabye Bassinet. Erin Duffy’s six-week-old baby boy, Parker, got his toe trapped in the mesh fabric on the sides of the Lullabye Bassinet. The fabric sliced his toe open, and his mum found him bleeding and distressed.

These cases highlight the fact that not all retailers are selling products that are safe – or that comply with mandatory safety standards. They’re also a reminder of just how important it is for mums and dads to undertake their own due diligence, and carefully research baby equipment before using it with their own infant. 

Dymples portacot

Big W Portacot recall

The details of the Big W portacot recall are as follows:

Product details

Dymples Portacot – 8286069 – The article number can be found on the label sewn into the mattress and cot.

When was this cot on sale in stores?

This product was sold in BIG W nationally from 11 December 2014 to 24 May 2018.

Why has the recall happened? 

The product does not comply with various material, design, safety, performance and marking requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 2195:2010 – Folding Cot.

What is the problem with this cot?

There is a risk of injury to the occupant.

What should people do if they have this cot at home? 

Customers should immediately cease using the product and return it to any BIG W store for a full refund. For further questions or to discuss any concerns, contact the Big W customer service line on 1300 244 999.

Big W Dymples cot recall


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