5 safety rules all kids need to know

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Kids rely on our guidance to navigate the world and keep them safe. Try as we might, we can’t watch our kids every second. That’s why it’s important to teach them how to keep themselves safe. That way they’ll have the skills and confidence to make sensible decisions on their own later.

Here are five safety lessons every child should know:

1. Stop, look and listen

Looking both ways before crossing the road is great, but it’s not enough. Kids should use their ears as well as their eyes to ensure it is safe to cross. Lead by example – children should only ever cross at lights or at a zebra crossing, and this starts by seeing you do the right thing every time.

2. Wear your seat belt – and don’t take it off

boy carseat

Talking about car travel safety with kids from a young age is essential. A car seat or a seat belt won’t work properly if it’s not used properly; so visit an Authorised Restraint Fitter if you’re unsure. Research by Transport for NSW shows that children restrained improperly are seven times more likely to be seriously injured in an accident.

Older kids in booster seats might know how to put their seat belt on, but it should always be checked by a grown-up to make sure the strap isn’t twisted and it’s sitting flush across the child’s chest. Younger kids should understand the importance of being firmly buckled into their seats, and that shoulder harnesses must be flat and firm with no twists over their shoulders.

3. Stick with the pack

three kids walking

As your kids get older, they might walk to school, go to the local shop, or meet friends at the park on their own. But they should never be completely on their own. Teach kids to walk with at least one friend and ensure an adult is always aware of where they are going.

4. Stranger danger

The nuances of stranger danger and politeness are tricky to navigate. Kids know when they feel uncomfortable. From an early age, you should talk to them about stranger danger in a way that’s appropriate for their age. Sometimes it’s with good reason; sometimes they’re just feeling shy. Teach kids it’s ok to say no to strangers, or even people they know, if a situation feels wrong. Danger isn’t always present, but this practice will set them up with confidence to speak up in situations that don’t feel right.

5. Know your phone number and address

Kids are like sponges, and if they can remember the names of all The Wiggles, they can certainly remember your mobile number and home address. If you ever get separated from each other in public, they can ask someone to ring mum or dad.

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(This is a sponsored post for Transport for NSW)


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