While we’re watching Netflix, pregnant Bethany Hamilton is doing THIS …

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While we spent many hours of our pregnancy on the couch picking toast crumbs from between our bosoms, Bethany Hamilton – pro-surfer and shark attack survivor – is nimbly skateboarding her final pregnant weeks away.

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My birthday skate session! Cement waves ?????‍♀️

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“Cement waves”

Not gonna lie, we’re finding her extremely inspirational and taking a long hard look at ourselves (as we quietly rustle this Scotch Finger biscuit packet.)

Not only is Bethany completely accomplished and effortless at the whole skating thing, she’s doing it in an on-trend playsuit with a very cheery grin. Is there nothing this amazing woman can’t achieve? (Possibly she’s not as good at cleavage-crumb retrieval as we are? But don’t quote us on that.)

Of course, Bethany’s rad surfing skills have set her up nicely in the skating game, but she’s still way ahead of your average punter because she’s nailing it in her third trimester.

Bethany’s expecting her second baby with husband, minister Adam Dirks. The couple – who married in 2013 – announced their news on Instagram in October and have been tracking their pregnancy on social media since then. (Their first little boy Tobias was born in June of 2015.)

Bethany’s story

If you need a refresher on Bethany’s story, it goes a little something like this: In 2003, promising 13-year-old champion surfer was lying on her surfboard with her arm dangling in the ocean at Kauai, when a tiger shark attacked. She was in the water with three family friends at the time, and they helped her to shore, fashioned a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and rushed her to hospital.

Bethany spent three weeks recovering from losing her arm and by post-attack week four she was back in the water, learning how to surf minus her left arm. Gulp.

The shark that attacked her had apparently been caught and killed by this stage, so we’re guessing she was bolstered by the thought that he wouldn’t be back for a second bite?

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Pregnancy cravings ??‍♀️

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Bethany later confirmed that she felt no pain when she was bitten and actually felt numb as she was taken to hospital. What a godsend. She’s a devout Christian and says her faith has got her through a harrowing experience that may have sidelined others.

Despite having to learn to surf again, Bethany went on to win a whole bunch of surfing titles, picking up her champion career where she left off. She had two titles prior to her attack, but in the years after she won or placed top three in TEN big surf competitions. Amazing.


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