Yuck! We reveal the 10 germiest things your child touches EVERY SINGLE DAY

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Little kids and babies are messy, but just how dirty are they? Well the results are in, and we don’t want to freak you out and turn you into a germaphobe or anything BUT… you might be surprised at just what items your kids are exposed to daily that are sporting the most germs.

Study dishes up the dirt

If you’re a little bit OCD when it comes to cleaning then you’ll be stoked with ASecureLife who recently did some predictions and then swab tests on ten of the most common items found in the homes of children aged from newborn to four years old. They were trying to find out which things that kids touched were the worst germ culprits (haven’t we all wondered this?!).

Well wonder no more because here are all the results (anticipated and actual) ranked from most to least germy. And guess which sex and age group was the worst? You betcha, it was the boys and the 3-4 year-olds – turns out babies aren’t so dirty after all!

1. Stroller

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ACTUAL: Stroller

That's right, your kid's pram or stroller has taken out the number one spot for being a germ infested playground. The reason for this is that most people store prams in the garage which is humid and full of dust, bugs and exhaust fumes - the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and mould. Eww! Quick get those antibacterial wipes ready!

Are there any other items your kids touch that you think should have been included?!








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