Want to make washing your kids’ hands even easier? Make the soap hands-free

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By now we can all agree that we have been well and truly schooled on how to practice good hygiene to ensure we have the best chance of staying healthy through the strange times we are living in.

From coughing into our elbow, to avoiding touching our mouth, nose and eyes, we know all the best ways to keep from spreading germs. And the single best thing we can do is wash our hands frequently and carefully with soap and water. Sure, alcohol-based hand sanitiser can do the job, but nothing beats good old-fashioned soap and water for getting hands properly clean.

How long is 20 seconds REALLY?!

Which is great news – except when you’re fighting to teach small children how to do the job properly. It really is amazing how looooong 20 seconds can feel when you are manhandling a squirming three-year-old with wet hands at the sink. All they want to do is get back to their LEGO project, pronto – and all you want them to do is spend 20 seconds focusing on washing ALL the places.

While we can’t do anything clever about speeding up time, what we can do is make the whole job just a little easier with a bit of hands-free magic. The Automatic Soap Dispenser from Muse Direct is touchless, sensitive and easy to use and makes the job of hand washing safer and easier all round.

Muse Direct soap dispenser - 3 sizes

So clever and simple to use

MuseDirect’s Automatic Soap Dispenser has an accurate infrared motion sensor that niftily detects your hands when they’re placed near the nozzle, for the immediate release of the perfect amount of liquid soap. There’s no need to wave your hands around in front of the sensor multiple times – which is a godsend when you’re hoping that impatient little hands will get a good squirt of soap to the do the job properly.

The dispenser is also water-resistant and designed to reduce leakage, which prevents soap or water corroding the circuit board and battery compartment – all good things that work to protect the dispenser from failing to operate.

Additionally, the smudge-proof coating means that you won’t have to wipe fingerprints or dirt from your dispenser. 

Keeping things clean

While we’re all happy to have a quick pump of hand sanitiser when we’re out and about, have you ever thought about all the germs that can be left on the bottle once all those dirty hands have used it? Who thinks to clean the bottle of hand sanitiser?! The Automatic Soap Dispenser from Muse Direct reduces the need to touch things, which then reduces the risk of transfer of germs. 

On top of being an ace soap dispenser, the Automatic Soap Dispenser works to dispense all types of liquids including instant hand sanitiser, dish soap, hand lotion and body lotion.

And pretty too

On top of doing their job well, the Automatic Soap Dispensers are designed to be lovely to look at – so it will be no hardship to have one sitting prettily beside the sink. Available in various sizes – 200ml, 300ml and 400ml – they are the smart choice for the bathroom and kitchen, and anywhere else at home where little hands need washing.


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