8 things that happen when you exercise with kids

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What happens when you combine child wrangling with exercise? Pure awkward awfulness. How many of these have happened to you?

Many mums may not realise how many kilojoules they are burning by chasing the kids around the house, kicking the footy at the park and walking back and forth to each room in the house (25 times) looking for things children desperately need right now.

Even so, it feels good to get some good ol’ fashioned exercise into your routine. If you have attempted the impossible and tried to exercise while on Mum duty, then you have probably experienced at least half of these incidents. And, if not, keep exercising. They’re bound to happen soon.


1. Your work out routine invites the kids to climb all over you

As soon as you get into the push-up position, your children take it upon themselves to jump on your back and demand a horsey ride. Giddy up.

2. You get side-tracked by a children’s movie

I was going to go for a run, but the couch was calling my name….

3. Your children are suddenly starving

So instead of doing squats in the backyard, you return to the kitchen to make them their third breakfast.


4. Your breasts cannot contain their excitement

And decide to leak all over your sports bra and t-shirt. At least the wet t-shirt look complements the sweat dripping from your face. Bonus points if your bladder fails at the same time.

5. Halfway through your gym warm-up at the gym you’re told your kids need you

Creche is a great invention, unless, of course, your child has any hint of a snotty nose. Or prefers to cause a massive scene, forcing you to console him every five minutes.

6. Your child wants to exercise with you

Until she gets tired or bored. Then she wants to sit on the grass and pick up bugs. And she wants you to do that too.

7. You end up carrying a child and pushing an empty pram

It’s like jogging and weight lifting at the same time!

8. You ‘forget’ to actually exercise

But you do remember to wear active wear all day. So at least it looks like you went. That’s just as good, right?



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