6 simple ways to keep your kids sun safe this summer

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Summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to do a little bit of a stocktake on your family’s sun smart gear.

If it’s still a bit chilly in your part of the country and you can’t quite fathom what sunny days might be like, we’ve got a helpful cheat sheet for you!

It’s really vital to protect your little one from harmful UV rays, as exposure during these early years (and during adolescence) is more likely to contribute to skin cancer later in life.

SunSmart advises checking weather conditions every day and using sun protection every day from September to the end of April, not just on sunny days. Use the helpful SunSmart app to keep up to speed with recommended sun protection times in your neck of the woods and tick the following must-haves off your family sun smart list:

1. Sunscreen

SPF30 or higher is where you need to start when it comes to slapping sunscreen on your kiddo. Look for a broad spectrum, water resistant product and be sure to apply it around 20 minutes before you venture outdoors.

Once you’re out and about, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to tackle a fresh application every 2 hours. Just applying once is not enough and remember that sunscreen should be used in conjunction with other sun smart strategies (read on!).


2. Sunglasses

Keep little eyes safe from damaging UV rays with a pair of kid-friendly sunglasses.

These Frankie Ray shades by Eye Tribe are not only adorably stylish, they block out 100 per cent of UV rays, ensuring that little peepers are well protected. With over 20 designs across three sizes, your child will be sun smart and rocking the cutest look in the playground. Win!

3. Hat

A well-chosen hat is a multi-tasker, protecting your child’s head, face, eyes, ears and neck. When you’re shopping for head gear look for a well-fitting bucket, broad-brimmed or legionnaire style hat that will protect your child’s delicate skin properly.

Hats should be made from a flexible fabric so that your child can move about easily (or fall asleep in it!). Any straps or ties should be safety checked to keep your kiddo safe and sound.


4. Stroller sun shade

It might just be time to do away with all those clipped-on muslins and step things up to something purpose-built, practical and super-shady!

The mum-designed Sun & Snoozeshade fits all strollers and not only blocks out the light when your little one is snoozing in her stroller, but it blocks out 97.5 per cent of all UV rays too! It folds up into a compact package and stows easily in your nappy bag when you’re on the go.

5. Sun safe clothing

UV rays can penetrate any exposed skin, so if you’re venturing out with your child, you need to ensure they are sunscreened and covered adequately. Lightweight fabrics may still let the sun’s rays through, so go for more densely woven fabrics and try to keep as much little skin loosely covered as is possible and practical. Dark coloured fabrics offer better protection from UV rays and weather-appropriate layered clothing is also a great sun smart option.

If you’re on the beach, sun smart rash vests or sunsuits are a great idea. Don’t forget to continue applying sunscreen regularly – after swimming or every two hours!

6. Shady days

Seeking shade when you’re outdoors and exposed to UV rays is just commonsense. Babies under 12 months should always be in a shady spot during sun protection times. If you’re venturing for warmer spots, you can take your own shade in the form of a beach tent or sun umbrella. If you’re in the car, ensure that you have sunshades on the rear windows.

If you’re ticking these sun safe strategies off your list, rest assured that you’ve got the UV fight totally nailed and your little one will be well protected when you’re on the go! Good one, Mum!

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