The 6 most germ-infested items parents use every day

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Prepare yourselves. Researchers have just discovered our germiest parenting places and it’s not what you would think.

Researchers examined ten common objects in the family homes of children ranging from newborn to four years old. After analysing a whole load of things extensively, results have emerged, and they’re a shocker.

editorial: Child sucking thumb

Think the TV remote is full of germs and needs to be sanitised every day? It’s nothing compared to your kid’s dummy, apparently. Heard that mobile phones are covered in bacteria? That they may be, so go ahead and keep running your wipes over it to get rid of those sticky bits. But, it’s no problem compared to your four-year-old’s extensive teddy collection.

Are you ready to hear about the most germ-infested items us parents use every day without even knowing how disgusting these things can get? 

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Here are the top six most germy items we use as parents. Hooray for not knowing!

1. Strollers

Yep, top of the list! When did you last clean yours? Or did you forget to wipe up the baby spew all over the harness and just shoved it in the back of your car to fester?

2. Dummies and sippy cups

I know! These go in the dishwasher and everything! This is disastrous news!

3. Soft toys 

I don’t even want to think about the masses of teddies my kids sleep with each night. No wonder my daughter’s lovey has this smell to it that I can’t shift.

4. Nappy bags

Well, that I kind of understand …

5. Plastic toys

Oh dear. Anyone else got masses and masses of these germ-ridden things around the house? Where do you even begin getting all of these sanitised – and the start doing it daily?

6. Board books

Drippy toddler snot and smeary fingers turning pages that never get wiped down. Okay, I get it. I’m throwing them all out.

Okay, so I’m telling myself here that germs are good for kids – and that my children seem to be okay, despite the disgusting world they’ve been raised in. We’re building up their immune systems, right?

But does anyone feel like showering right now?


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