It takes a village – the 5 people you need in your corner to raise your kids

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Growing up, did your parents have a little black book of emergency contacts? Perhaps they stored it in a Roladex beside the phone, displayed them on the fridge or scribbled them on post-it notes around the house. Now that you’re a parent, chances are you have a little black book all your own.

The method of storing those numbers may have changed – yours are probably all on your phone – but we all rely on others to help us navigate this parenting gig. Here are five crucial contacts for every parent’s little black book.

1. Grandparents

Granted, you probably don’t need to write this number down – it almost goes without saying that your own parents are the first line of support for many couples with kids. From last minute babysitting, parenting advice, practical help in the home or just spending quality time with the little ones, grandparents are great at saving the day.

2. Babysitter

Everyone needs time out occasionally, and that means you need a babysitter who lives nearby. It could be a friend, family member or neighbour, or perhaps an expert babysitting service makes your speed dial. Most importantly – you trust them and the kids like them. Once you find a babysitter that ticks your boxes, hold on and don’t let go! Treat them well (dessert in the fridge, unlimited Netflix) – you’re investing in your own future.

3. Home doctor

When the kids are struck down with an illness or injury that isn’t life-threatening but still needs medical attention, doesn’t it always seem to happen after hours or on weekends? The family GP practice is closed and hospital emergency rooms are bulging at the seams – the last place you want to be.

Thankfully, house calls from the doctor are no longer a thing of the past! Save 13SICK (137 425) to your phone, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can get bulk-billed medical help when you need it without leaving home. There’s even a National Home Doctor Service app to make booking a home doctor easier.

4. Carpool captains

You may have to be one to know one, but any parent happy to take the wheel and carpool the kiddies to school or extra curricular activities is a gold star contact to have.

If your children have extracurricular activities all over the place, it helps to be able to spread the load. Once you add differing pickup times between preschool, day care or school from a parent’s work roster, carpool captains become invaluable.

5. Kid-friendly hairdresser

Finding a hairdresser able to tame your toddler (and their hair) is like finding a needle in a haystack. Their salon may be fitted with novelty children’s chairs, have the right cartoon playing on tv, or just a well-stocked toy stash.

But it’s even better if they have ninja-like reflexes and nerves of steel hidden behind a calm and kind smile.

Whether for special occasion photos or a rescue mission following a home haircut crime (committed by child or parent), these hair magicians are happy to accommodate without judgement – so lock in their number now!

(This is a sponsored post for 13SICK, National Home Doctor Service)


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