This surprising ‘mum hack’ to ease congestion in babies has gone viral

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When a childbirth and lactation education service shared a client’s “mum hack” on their Facebook page they had no idea the post would go wildly viral – and prompt some hilarious responses.

Our customer shares her remedy for chest congestion!! Use on baby’s back while sitting in a steamy bathroom….

Posted by Melons and Cuties on Tuesday, 8 January 2019

“Remedy for chest congestion!!”

Melons and Cuties shared the surprising trick a week or so ago and it’s quickly gained momentum being shared over 19 000 times and garnering 25 000 + comments on Facebook.

The photo they uploaded shows a tiny baby having its back massaged with a vibrator, and discussed how the congestion-busting powers of these devices is no secret.

“Our customer shares her remedy for chest congestion!!” Melons and Cuties wrote cheerily in the caption alongside the photo. “Use on baby’s back while sitting in a steamy bathroom. Brilliant!”

“Note that many hospitals and respiratory therapists use these in the treatment of respiratory issues on the BACK in hospital settings,” they added. “It is common practice.”

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Too late for some

People were very, very excited about this idea and quipped their way merrily through the comments of this post.

“Hell just put one under your boob while you breastfeed and your baby can have a milkshake….. LMAO,” one man wrote and okayyyy then.

“If I used mine right the first time, I wouldn’t be in this situation,” one woman pointed out.

Some said this was a perfect illustration of the Macgyver skills required when parenting:

“HILARIOUS!!! But also a brilliant representation of how motherhood requires you to be resourceful. REAL LIFE.”

Multi-purpose tool

Some had endured a slightly different – but still related – experience with vibrator chatter.

“I told my daughter it was a back massager and then forgot to move it to a new location,” one woman posted. “My mum came round a few days later and complained she had a bad back….cue my daughter appearing proud as punch waving it round declaring, ‘I’ve got something to make your back better grandma!’ ” Oh dear lord.

One man revealed that it’s not just babies that can benefit from the healing hum:

“I’m amazed and mortified at the same time over the reactions,” the owner of Melons and Cuties, Crystal Snider said the response has been varied, reports

“It’s not a taboo topic for us, it’s not about sexuality. It’s a mum hack.”

This is one time where reading the comments is actually a very funny idea!


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