The benefits of probiotics for your baby’s gut

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Babies, sweet babies are a finicky bunch. On the one hand, they are so charming and adorable we can’t get enough of them. On the other, they can be the most difficult, often distressing, people we will ever have to hang out with.

This is especially true if you have an ‘unsettled’ baby. While we all long for a baby who lies quietly and smiles sweetly between feeds and sleeps soundly through the night, that’s not what most of us are dealing with each day.

Many babies are poor sleepers, or poor feeders, or poor settlers (or even all of the above), and no one can quite tell us why. Some babies cry for hours on end every single day. Some can’t seem to sleep for longer than half an hour at a time. Some feed and sleep okay, but appear miserable every waking hour.

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Colicky feeding, sleeping, settling

It’s known as ‘colic’ when babies cry for prolonged periods with no known cause, and it can be just as wretched for parents as for our poor babies. A parent’s gut instinct tells us that something isn’t right, that there must be something we can do to help relieve our baby’s discomfort.

One of those ‘somethings’ worth trying is probiotic L.reuteri. Here are four important reasons why you should give this probiotic a go.

1. Probiotic L.reuteri can relieve infant colic

If your baby has ever cried for hours (and hours) on end for no apparent reason, you’ll know how stressful and exhausting a colicky baby can be. Actually, heartbreaking is probably the best word to describe how it makes a parent feel.

Colicky infants have significantly fewer beneficial bacteria in their intestinal tracts than those without colic, so supporting a baby’s healthy gut flora makes sense. BioGaia Probiotic Drops contain Lactobacillus reuteri, a specific probiotic that helps restore balance to your baby’s gut and reduces the symptoms of colic. Definitely worth a try, so have a chat to your pharmacist.

Benefits of probiotics for baby's gut health

2. Probiotic L.reuteri supports healthy digestion

In news welcomed by parents everywhere, probiotics also support the digestive system by adding beneficial bacteria that contribute to healthy gut flora. A healthy digestive system contributes to healthy pooping… just sayin’.

3. Probiotic L.reuteri may reduce spit ups and throw ups

How long since you’ve worn a black top? Those little white marks of spit up (not to mention regurgitated milk throw ups) are impossible to hide on dark clothing. Some of us wear them like a badge, but the good news is that this probiotic may reduce the number of baby voms we have to deal with. This can only be a good sign for mamas who favour the goth look.

4. Probiotic L.reuteri helps support baby’s wellbeing

With less crying, spit ups and throw ups, it stands to reason that a baby is going to be a much happier camper. All that excess body action can’t possibly make for a pleasant day (it certainly puts a dampener on a parent’s day, that’s for sure). By supporting a baby’s digestive comfort, probiotic L.reuteri can support their overall comfort and wellbeing. Which makes for a calmer baby, which makes for a calmer parent. Ah, much better.

Always read the label, follow directions for use, if symptoms persist or worsen talk to your health professional.

This post was sponsored by BioGaia Probiotic Drops for infant colic relief.


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