Rachael Finch racing home from the Olympics to a sick baby is every working mum

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We’ve all been there. Granted we might not be TV presenters winging our way back from South Korea to make sure our baby is okay. But the work-child balance struggle is a very relatable one.

“Poor little angel”

Rachael’s mum to four-year-old Violet and almost one-year-old Dominic, and married to dancer Michael Miziner. It was her youngest kiddo who was under the weather and very much in need of his mum.

A child falling ill while you are working is the worst tug-of-war type feeling. Couple that with a few thousand kilometres between you, and the situation is anxiety-inducing to say the least.

“Poor little angel is not feeling the best,” a worried Rachael explained on her Instagram stories.”He has had trouble swallowing food, drinking in the last 72 hours.”

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10 days until playtime angels! ????

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“The worst feeling”

Rachael headed home a few days earlier than planned after her three week Pyeong Chang assignment. Her relief at touching home soil again was palpable.

“It just feels so good to be able to be next to him and all the mummas out there know that when your baby is sick it is the worst feeling in the whole entire world,” Rachael told her followers.

“I can be sick, we can somehow deal with being sick but when they are sick you just feel so incredibly helpless its the worst. So lots of rest over the next few days,” she confirmed.

“You are an inspiration”

When Rachael headed off to the Winter Olympics, her fans were right behind her. Rachael had been forced to decline a previous offer to host Australia’s Olympic coverage in 2016, for fear of contracting the Zika virus while she was pregnant. This second-chance offer was obviously exciting – and one she felt she couldn’t refuse.

On the eve of her trip she thanked husband Mike for holding down the fort at home. Her followers gave her a virtual wave and plenty of support, realising that the long separation was heart wrenching, but the opportunity an amazing one.

“What an incredible inspiration you are to your children,” one supporter wrote.

“Full credit to you Rachael, you’re an amazing mumma, a very hard and dedicated worker and such an inspirational role model. Your babies will be in good hands, enjoy this wonderful experience, looking forward to seeing you present from the Olympics,” someone else posted.

“Thoughts are with you, it must be so difficult,” another sympathised.

 You do you

It’s another example of how this couple are writing their own rulebook when it comes to parenting and marriage. And when we say writing their own rulebook, we mean doing what works for them and ignoring external expectations and outdated stereotypes.

When Violet was a toddler, people were quick to criticise the pair for sharing her care with Michael’s mum. But perhaps they’re forgetting that a) it takes a village, b) there are no Olympic medals for “doing it all” mums and c) grown-ups can make their own life choices and this isn’t hurting anyone. Also grandparents are the actual best!

“Every weekend (Violet) goes to Mish’s mum’s house, and we get our weekend to ourselves,” Rachael told The Daily Telegraph back in 2016. 

“I think that’s incredibly healthy for the relationship. And on Sunday, when we pick her up, we have 100 per cent energy back.”

How great that this family are so close and supportive of one another. It’s brilliant to see.


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