Great news from Jimmy Giggle after baby Mack’s scary hospitalisation

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Those who have been following this heartbreaking story will be thrilled to hear that things are on the improve at the Jimmy Giggle – aka Jimmy Rees – house.

What a total nightmare

Earlier this week Jimmy and Tori Rees’ two-month-old son Mack was hospitalised after what should have been a fairly routine tongue tie correction went terribly wrong. 

In fact Mack nearly died after a major blood vessel was cut during his procedure. The baby boy was rushed to hospital where he underwent CPR, a blood transfusion and was put on a ventilator. 

It was all very scary and pretty touch and go, but thankfully the brilliant medics who attended to Mack saved his life, and he’s now on the mend.

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A time that will be stuck in my head forever. I have the strongest little man in the world. Mack you are a true fighter. After a failed tongue tie snip on Thursday afternoon, my son was rushed by ambulance to Gosford hospital where he laid in resus and had over 30 people working on him. CPR, blood transfusions, ventilator, emergency surgery, NETS transfer, ICU, and a hell of a lot of drugs my Mack has proven the specialists wrong and is slowly mending. Gosford emergency department, you saved my sons life- you were incredible. I love my family, I love my sons, I love my friends, and thank you so much for your thoughts- we are going to be ok xxx @jimmyrees_

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On the mend

Earlier today Jimmy shared an update showing that the family are now home together and preparing to return to their normal life. He says they’re all totally knackered, but that Mack is home with them and slowly recovering – with lots of TLC.

Photos showing the family all dressed up as superheroes showed they’ve all turned the corner and everyone is relieved, especially the Rees gang, their family and friends.

“We have a superhero party coming up, just trying the costumes on!!! Lenny’s face is classic!” Jimmy began in a caption on the post.

“We are all a fraction exhausted and delirious!! Also, Mack is out of hospital and home, continuing his recovery, still has a very sore mouth but he is getting there. Wrapping him in cotton wool for a while now, the precious little fella.”

“Hooray everyone is home!”

Fans and other well-wishers responded to this update with lots of love and prayers.

“So happy to hear about Mack!” one posted. “He’s been in my thoughts constantly since I heard the news.”

“I just wanted to say, it takes a strong man to support his family in these sorts of situations,” another wrote. “But please look out for yourself. Get some sleep, eat well. Clear your mind. Keep track of your own mental health.”

“Hooray everyone is home!” someone else commented. “So pleased- be kind to yourselves as you all recover from it all!”

Thank goodness for Mack’s fighting spirit – and for the team at Gosford Hospital who looked after him. Here’s hoping these guys get a little bit of downtime together now … with plenty of chicken soup and pillow forts. 


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