9 benefits of baby massage – for mums as well as bubs!

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Baby massage is a wonderful way to spend time with your baby and offers plenty of benefits for both of you. Gentle enough to try from day one, massaging your baby provides a perfect opportunity for some relaxing downtime with your baby.

As a parent, your life will be busier than ever, and long days involving outings and appointments can leave you and bub feeling frazzled. Incorporating regular baby massage can help both of you unwind and slow time down. And it couldn’t be more convenient – all you need is a warm room, your loving hands and some gentle baby massage oil.

The best news of all is that the benefits of baby massage go beyond simple relaxation. There are a whole range of good things that can happen as a result of regular baby massage – for both you and bub.

1. Amazing bonding

True bonding with your baby requires being present in the moment and connecting with your little one. Baby massage has a wonderful way of slowing things down so you can lock eyes with your baby and communicate non-verbally. Taking time to enjoy moments like these aids secure attachment, which means your relationship with your baby will be emotionally strong.

2. Sleepy effects

Baby massage can promote sleepiness in your fretful baby and can even help him to sleep more deeply and for longer stretches.  A massage before bedtime can help your baby wind down after a busy day and prepare for sleep. Because a massage can be so relaxing, it’s also good to use if your baby hasn’t been sleeping well and is overtired.

3. Stress be gone

Baby massage releases the hormone oxytocin, which can make both of you feel loved up and blissed out. It’s no wonder then that this activity has a calming effect on everyone involved. When you think about all the hard work that goes with being a parent, baby massage is up there with one of the really pleasant perks of having a baby.

4. Confidence boost

Massaging your baby offers you a way of communicating with your little one, in a way that uses physical touch rather than words – although you can talk away softly while you stroke your baby if you wish. Loving physical touch is great for your baby’s development and also allows you to feel more confident as a parent, as you get used to understanding the types of touch your baby enjoys.

5. Body awareness

Your newborn doesn’t know his body the way an older child does. In fact, he doesn’t really know that he exists separately from you at all. Touching and massaging different parts of his body will increase his awareness about who he is and what different bodily sensations can feel like.

6. Physical effects

Baby massage is known for its positive effects on soothing physical ailments in your baby such as constipation, wind and gassiness. Gently massaging your baby’s belly and back can help disperse trapped wind and get things moving along the way they should. Plus, using a moisturising oil like Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil, will leave baby’s skin feeling nourished and cared for.

7. Soothing perks

New babies are easily overstimulated and overtired, which can make settling a very difficult time for you. Offering a baby massage can be soothing and calming for a frazzled baby, which will have a flow on effect for you. Definitely add this one to your toolbox of soothing techniques.

8. Ritual possibilities

Once you’re comfortable with baby massage, it can easily become part of a daily ritual, which your baby will come to look forward to. Because it can help your baby settle for sleep, it can be a good thing to include after an evening bath in the lead-up to bedtime.

9. Dads can win too

Baby massage is a wonderful way for dads to bond with baby. It can sometimes be tough for dads to feel useful when babies are so young, as they tend to be very dependent on their mums – especially if you’re breastfeeding. However, baby massage can be done by either of you, and this can be an excellent boost for your partner’s confidence, as well as for his relationship with his baby.

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