Start the New Year right with these kid-approved smoothies!

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Kids who won’t touch fruit and vegetables can have you tearing out your hair. Refusal to eat anything other than yellow food, or white food, or only foods with a certain texture can drive even the most patient parent to distraction. The answer may be as simple as the humble (or not so humble) smoothie – a drink you can pack full of goodness for the kids – and use to hide fruit and veggies that they might otherwise turn up their noses at.

What’s great about a smoothie? It’s quick, it’s filling and it’s a bit of a change – whether you whip it up as a treat instead of your regular breakfast, or use it as a sneaky way to add some more veggies or fruit to afternoon tea time. And for kids who love eating pink food, or green food, or orange food – it’s easy to hit the target nutritionally and still look like the best parent on the block. Here are five ideas we think are worth trying.


1. Banana and strawberry smoothies

And if you have a child who will only eat pristine bananas without the tiniest blemish, this is a great way of using up bananas they would normally turn their nose up at. Best of all, you can totally make it up – throw in bananas (and strawberries too if you want to get fancy), a bit of milk and either some yoghurt or ice cream depending on how healthy you want to be. Honey optional!

2. Sunshine smoothie

I’m calling it that because sometimes a cool name is the first step to getting a child to try something. Whether you keep it fruity and simple with core ingredients like peaches, apricots and mangoes, or kick it up a notch nutritionally by adding some steamed carrots or pumpkin puree to the mix, it will be like a little glass full of sunshine. Add some yoghurt and ice to get it thick and cold, or if you prefer, freeze the fruit and vegetables beforehand and cut out the need for ice altogether.

3. Superfood quinoa smoothie

Looking to get a little more superfood into your child’s diet? Quinoa might be the way to do it. It’s gluten-free and a bit like rice in texture, and it works really well in smoothies. You can play around with quantities and fruits to include, but as a general rule, half a cup of quinoa (which will expand when cooked) is about the right amount for one smoothie. Cook it according to the packet instructions and blend it up with berries and ice for a delicious drink. The quinoa gives bulk so there’s no need for yoghurt in this one.


4. Green smoothies

This one goes out to parents of kids who love the colour green. Use that love to your advantage with a fresh green smoothie. You’ll be able to include all kinds of leafy green vegetables (like kale and spinach – steam them first) and have them eaten without complaint – the secret is to balance the leafy greens with sweet green fruits like apple, kiwifruit and grape. In fact, because the green colour is so strong, you can pop all manner of fruits in and still keep the rich, green colour.


5. Weet-Bix blueberry and cashew smoothie

Here’s one you might not expect – it’s a smoothie with Weet-Bix in it! It’s a great way to get the healthy start of a bowl of cereal, but with the novelty of a smoothie – and you can drink it on the run!


1 cup blueberries
1 cup unsweetened yoghurt
1 cup milk or milk alternative
1 Weet-Bix or 1 Gluten Free Weet-Bix
1⁄2 tbsp honey
1⁄2 cup cashews


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into two glasses.

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