Two ingredient strawberry ice block recipe

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As summer sets in, there’s nothing my family enjoys more than an icy cold sweet treat at the end of a long, hot day. But when an ice block from the freezer quickly becomes a daily summer routine, I’m all for healthier options. One way to feel less guilty about a daily frozen treat is with yoghurt!

Just two ingredients is all that’s required for these strawberry ice creams. You could use any flavoured yoghurt you like, or keep it super healthy with natural or Greek yoghurt. You will need an ice block mould of some description and thankfully, quite a few stores carry a variety during summer.






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  • Makes : 8
  • Prep time : 15 mins

2-ingredient strawberry ice block ingredients

  • 250g punnet of strawberries
  • 2 cups yoghurt


  • Wash, hull and quarter the strawberries. Mash them to your desired consistency or give them a quick blitz in a food processor to puree.
  • With your yoghurt in a medium sized bowl, add the fruit and fold it through to combine.
  • Pour the yoghurt mix into the ice block moulds the best you can. I’m yet to find a way to do this neatly so have some paper towel handy! Freeze overnight.


  • A great tip to gently remove the ice creams from the mould is to run warm water briefly over the bottom of the mould. Too easy!
  • This recipe yields eight large ice creams.

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