How to peel fruit the right way: this video could change your life

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We want our children to eat healthy but even preparing something as simple as a fruit salad comes with its challenges, and making it look appetising can be half the battle. Well, this video could change your life.

We can’t all be mum master chefs, some of us (definitely me) lack the culinary competence to cut Kiwi fruit without it becoming a mushy and bruised mess and losing half the good stuff in the peeling process.

The simple task of removing the green bit (totally the technical term) from a strawberry without sacrificing the best part is a real struggle.

Pomegranates are one of those fruits that get left on the shelf due to the mystery surrounding how to prepare them (completely out of my league).

An orange only gets cut into wedges for use on the sporting sidelines right? Apparently not, according to this Bright Side video.

Who knew a straw and spoon could make such a difference? Check it out.

This fruit chopping genius has gone viral, being watched more than 26 million times.

All of us at Babyology love hearing these amazing life hacks, here are some others suggested to us by you.

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