Five sprinkle-laden ways to celebrate National Fairy Bread Day!

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It’s November 24th which (very excitingly) makes it National Fairy Bread Day in Australia!

If you’ve been caught short in the sprinkle department, here’s five inspiring 100s and 1000s themed snacks to give you a fairy bread shot-in-the-arm!

Not only do these sweet treats take a childhood fave to the next level, they are guaranteed to delight the whole family with their cheery good looks.


Fairy Bread party cake by Sprinkle Bakes

1. Fairy bread party cake

This cake combines the deliciousness of a sprinkly middle with a satisfying crust. Perfect for your next celebration, it’s sandwiched together with icing and edged with fondant for an authentic fairy finish.

It’s by Sprinkle Bakes

Funfetti Fairy Bread Cake by Spicy Ice-cream

2. Funfetti fairy bread cake

You can only improve on fairy bread by adding even more sprinkles, and this stacked confection delivers that very cute and colourful promise.

Find the how-to at Spicy Ice-Cream

Giant Fairy Bread Cake by Raspberri Cupcakes

3. Simply delicious giant fairy bread cake

Raspberri Cupcakes is a blogging sweet-treat queen. She’s whipped up this yummy AND achievable cake and it seems super-perfect for this special national day.

Find Steph’s recipe at Raspberri Cupcakes


Fairy Bread biscuits via Etsy

4. Fairy bread cookies

The handmade-celebrating Etsy blog shares the recipes for these delicious fancies and we can’t see ourselves stopping at just one!

Grab the how-to at Etsy

Fairy Bread Christmas Tree

5. Fairy bread Christmas tree

Let’s try the whole two (fairy bread) birds with one (sprinkle-dotted) stone. Magic up this cute and simple fairy bread tree!

Find out how at Desire Empire


Here’s hoping you’ve got your sprinkles at the ready on this special day (and remember good old-fashioned stock-standard fairy bread is JUST as good as these fancier fairy things!)

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