10 fab superfoods to include in bub’s diet once they start solids

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‘Superfood’ may be the latest health-related buzzword but they’re really just everyday foods that are natural and high in nutrition and antioxidants. 

As your bub’s body and brain is developing at a rate of knots, including lots of beneficial foods into her diet will give her a great start.

Please note, these superfoods are in no particular order and the best thing you can do is give your baby a varied diet that’s rich in nutrition. 

Here are 10 superfoods we love for babies. 


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Packed with antioxidants and flavonoids, blueberries are a wonderful superfood for babies. They are great for your little one's eyes, brain, and urinary tract. Just blend them into a puree or crush them to remove the choking hazard.


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