New baby on the way? 13 must-have items to childproof your home

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Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming. Suddenly you’re faced with a mountain of decisions – everything from what to name your baby, to how to decorate the nursery, to whether you’ll send them to public or private school (no pressure!). But one decision that’s a no-brainer for every parent, is how to make baby’s surroundings as safe as possible.

We’ve rounded up 13 child safety items so you can get your house or apartment baby-proofed and ready for that new little person to make themselves right at home.

So save this page, and check these safety must-haves off your to-do list:

1. Curiosity-safe outlet plugs

baby safety outlet plugs

Babies are curious and that’s a good thing. Let them explore safely and prevent them from putting any unwanted objects into power points, by plugging up all electrical outlets at child-level. These Dreambaby Outlet Plugs are easy to install and remove and come in a 24-pack so you’ll be set for the whole home.

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2. Furniture corner protectors to guard against unnecessary bumps

baby safety cushion corners

First comes crawling, then comes cruising, and before you know it your baby is zooming around the house! Soften hard edges on glass tables and corners with Dreambaby Corner Cushion protectors to help prevent serious injuries and keep your baby safe when they’re on the move.

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3. Block off spaces with a baby safety gate

baby gate

Stairs are so tempting for little ones on the move! While baby’s still finding her balance, the Dreambaby Liberty Security Gate will keep her from any unwanted spills and tumbles.

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4. Leave-it-alone latches

baby safety latches

Keep drawers firmly closed so your most valuable possession won’t break your other valuable possessions! The Dreambaby Mulit-purpose Latches are easy to install, remove and reposition. This handy 7-pack comes with 4 mini multipurpose latches and 3 multipurpose latches that are suitable on gloss and laminated furniture, glass and mirror cabinets, varnished wood, timber veneer, metal cabinets, fridges, freezers and much more.

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5. Fall-free straps to keep furniture in place

baby safety furniture straps

Secure bookshelves, toy shelves and cabinets from tipping over with Dreambaby Furniture Straps. Fix them to baby-height items so they can’t be pulled down by your little cruiser on the move.

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6. Gentle nightlight for easy check ups

3 LED sensor night lights

There’s no need to stumble around in the dark when you’re checking on your sleeping babe. The Dreambaby Auto-Sensor LED Night Light automatically turns ‘on’ when it gets dark and ‘off’ when its gets light again, providing a soft glow through the night so baby’s sleep won’t be disturbed – and you’ll be able to see her sweet face when you need to.

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7. Lever Door Lock for out-of-bounds

baby lock

Keep out-of-bounds areas safely locked with the Dreambaby Lever Door Lock. This lock fits most lever door handles with round bases and helps prevent children gaining access to laundries, garages and other rooms where hazards may reside. Even better, it uses no adhesives and needs no drilling, so it’s easy to use! 

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8. Cute non-slip bathmat to prevent slipping

baby safety bath mat

Your baby can splish splash safely with this colourful bathmat that helps guard against slides and spills. The Dreambaby Anti-Slip Bath Mat has a fun underwater scene to brighten up bath time, and a heat indicator panel to help you get the water temperature right. Remember to always stay with your baby when she’s in the bath.

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9. Take care with cabinets

slim line lock

Being careful with cabinets is made easier with the Dreambaby Slim-line Slide Lock. Suitable for using with mushroom-shaped knobs or D-shaped handles, these slide locks are easy for adults to engage and disengage when needed.

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10. TV saver to keep screens from toppling

baby safey tv straps

Bright lights are attractive – you can’t blame your babe for wanting to get up close! Keep the TV screen secure by attaching it in place with the Dreambaby Flat Screen TV Saver. The durable metal straps adjust from 10-66cm and fit most flat screen TVs.

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11. Wind-ups that keep cords up and away

baby safety wind up cord

The dangling cords of blinds and windows look like fun for a roaming baby, but can be dangerous. Dreambaby Blind Cord Wind-Ups let you keep hazardous cords well away from curious crawlers.

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12. Must-have smoke detectors

baby safety smoke detectors

Installing smoke detectors in the house is home safety 101. The Chubb Quell Smoke Alarm comes in a two pack – one for baby’s room and one for the hallway, has a photoelectric sensor, and is battery operated so if the power goes out, it stays on.

Buy the Chubb Quell Smoke Alarm Bedroom/Hallway 2 Pack

13. Keep little fingers safe

finger pinch guard

Keep little fingers safe by using Dreambaby Silicone Finger Pinch Guard. This BPA-free and Phthalate-safe guard can be easily fitted on the top or side of any door to help prevent accidental shutting or slamming on little fingers and is easy to install – simply slide on the top or side of the door above your child’s reach. It’s also long lasting and won’t harden over time like traditional foam stoppers. And because it’s made of strong, flexible material it won’t damage paint work.

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Find all 13 baby safety must-haves under the one roof! While you’re there, you can check out the adorable range of practical and pretty sleep essentials for babies.

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