10 breastfeeding and bottle-feeding essentials to make feeding baby a breeze

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When it comes to preparing for the arrival of your little one, it pays to be stocked up ahead of time. Whether you breastfeed exclusively, or introduce the bottle, it can be hard to know exactly what you’ll need. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essentials that will have you covered for every eventuality! So check these off your list, and rest easy knowing you’ll be all set to snuggle down to feed your newborn right from day one.

Breastfeeding essentials

The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of a baby’s life to provide for your baby’s healthy growth and development. No matter how long you choose to breastfeed, these handy tools will help you make the most of your breastfeeding experience.

 1. Comfy feeding pillow

nursing pillow

An extra-large nursing pillow that’s easy to wrap around your body is a must-have to provide you with extra comfort and support while breastfeeding your baby. As your baby grows, you’ll also be able to use it to help prop him up so he can see the world. Bonus!

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2. Comfy breastfeeding bra 

maternity bra

Once you’re breastfeeding, you’ll soon discover that only the comfiest bras will do. And when you find that cute and comfy bra that you love, it’s worth getting several as you’ll find them indispensable!

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3. Super-soothing breast discs

breast discs

For when you need a bit of extra care for your working breasts, breast discs can be just the ticket to cool and relieve cracked and sore nipples. Make sure you always have a few on hand so you can just pop a couple in your feeding bra and let the healing commence.

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 4. Lightweight manual breast pump

There’ll be times when you may want or need to give your baby the benefits of breastmilk from a bottle. At those times, a breast pump is a lifesaver. If you’re expressing infrequently, or need a pump that’s good for toting around on the go, choose a lightweight, gentle, BPA-free pump with a vacuum to trigger fast let-down.

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5. Effective electric breast pump

breast pump

If you need to express your breastmilk regularly, you can’t go past an electric pump to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Using a pump that has minimal assembly, touch-of-button use, and massaging motions to mimic baby will make pumping a breeze. Too easy!

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Bottle-feeding essentials

Having bottles ready to use can be helpful for many reasons; when you have to go to out-of-home work, if you need another carer to feed your baby, or if you find you need to top up feeds.

1. Safe and stylish baby bottle sterilising kit

sterilser starter kit

You can have everything in one tidy package by choosing a steriliser kit that comes with feeding bottles, teats, a teat tong, bottle and teat brush, soother and bottle warmer. And by opting for a steriliser that’s fast and reliable, you can ensure that your baby’s bottles are always clean as a whistle with minimal fuss or forward-planing.

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2. Little bibs for little burps

baby bibs

For those sweet milky burps, bandana bibs the are just the right size for soaking up little baby dribbles. These bandana bibs have a hook and loop closure, and come in a 2-pack with a fun bear print and neutral stripes that can be coordinated with your baby’s outfit.

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3. Comforting anti-colic bottles

avent bottles

It can be very distressing for your baby (and you) when they have tummy problems or colic. One way to tackle this problem is by stocking up on bottles that have been designed to mimimise the chances of both. Anti-colic bottles have been made to keep air away from your baby’s tummy with an integrated antic-colic valve and have a teat shape with a ribbed texture, to encourage uninterrupted feeding.

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4. Easy-to-use formula dispenser

powder dispensor

For the times when you’re on the go and need to prepare a bottle while out and about, you can’t go past a handy formula dispenser that’s microwavable as well as steriliser- and dishwasher-safe. This compact dispenser has three sections, where you can store a serve of powdered milk in each. And once your baby is done forever with formula, you can  remove the inner sections and convert the dispenser into a snack cup. So versatile!

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5. Colourful bottle brushes

bottle cleaning brushes

Making sure no milk residue is left behind in baby’s bottles can be a boring task, but you can brighten up this chore by using a bottle brush has all the features to make this job as straight-forward as possible. This brush is made of soft nylon bristles, has a sponge tip to clean hard-to-reach corners, and even contains a handy teat brush stored inside the handle.

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