The essential baby care kit: 13 products you’ll need every day

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When you’re preparing to welcome your new baby into the world, you can be pretty safe in the knowledge that friends and family will gift you with all manner of gorgeous little outfits, educational toys, books and puzzles, pretty mobiles and nursery decor. In a nutshell, all the fun stuff for baby.

But when it comes to the day-to-day practical stuff … Mama, you’re going to be shopping for that stuff yourself! No one is gifting you nail clippers but you’re going to need a good pair sooner than you know it.

So, it pays to get yourself all organised with an essential baby care kit that will ensure you have exactly the right tool for the job – no matter what it is.

Here are the top baby care products you need in your nursery:

1. Comforting dummy

Dummies - BIG W

There’s nothing like an inconsolably crying baby to make a parent feel desperate. Some babies have a strong sucking need which is why it makes sense to offer them a dummy to give additional comfort. Look for a dummy that has a symmetrical orthodontic shape and is BPA-free – and invest in a couple at a time, because these things like to hide away at the exact moment you need one!

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2. Super-soft feeding bibs

milk feeding bibs

Young babies may only consume milk in those early months, but boy, can they make that milk go far! Between possetting after a feed, an unexpected milky burp or a straight-up vomit, there is plenty of milk coming back up after it’s gone down. Which is why you really need to be prepared with an absorbent bib at all times. The Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Bibs are super-soft on baby’s skin, yet work really hard to soak up dribbles and spills before they can cause a rash.

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3. Soothing teethers

lamaze teether

When your baby starts teething you’ll be glad you have teethers on hand to soothe their little gums! Teethers that you can chill in the fridge can further help to soothe your baby when those little chompers start to make their presence known. Suitable from birth on, these water-filled teethers feature an easy-grasp design perfect for babies to hold. Choosing a pack that contains two teethers – so one can always be kept in the refrigerator, ready for a quick swap when needed – is also a smart choice. 

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4. Splashy baby bath

baby bath

Bathing baby at the end of the day can be a lovely bonding time for you both – just as long as you have everything you need at hand and don’t have to struggle with a slippery, wet baby. By bathing baby in a baby bath, you are providing a safe and secure bathing experience you can both enjoy. Choose a bath that is made from sturdy moulded plastic and is big enough to accommodate your growing baby. As an added bonus, look for a bath with a drainage plug which will save you from the back-breaking work of emptying the bath yourself.

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5. Reassuring bath thermometer

Baby bath thermometer - BIG W

If you believe the movies, you can judge the correct temperature of your baby’s bath with your elbow – or, you can take the guess-work out of the process by using a bath thermometer! So simple and easy to use, we’re not really sure why everyone doesn’t have one.

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6. Gentle baby shampoo

Baby bath wash - BIG W

You only have to care for a baby for a moment and you’ll quickly realise that baby skin is super-sensitive. So when it comes to choosing the right products for the bath, look for something that is formulated specially for baby’s sensitive skin. Choose a product that is soap-free, has been allergy tested and is free from all the nasties – no parabens or pthalates.

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7. Secure bath seat

Baby bath seat - BIG W

Bath time becomes so much easier when you can secure your baby in a bath seat. He can have all the splashy fun he wants and you don’t have to worry that he’ll slip under the water. (Obviously, we know we should never, ever leave children unattended in the bath.) Choose a bath seat where the front support bar can be easily opened – this makes it easy to get your baby into and out of the seat. Also look for one that has strong suction caps on the underside – this will secure the seat to the bath at all times.

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8. Soothing lotion

Baby moisturising cream - BIG W

The business of daily life can be very drying for baby skin, so moisturising with a light daily lotion to protect it makes sense. And the ritual of rubbing in lotion is a lovely thing to do each day, too. Look for a lotion that is hypo-allergenic and has been formulated to soothe and nourish sensitive and irritated skin.

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9. Handy antibacterial ointment

Lucas pawpaw cream - BIG W

We all hope that nothing will ever happen to our babies to make them cry. But occasionally it does happen. Whether it’s just a bad case of nappy rash or chafing, or something more serious like sunburn, an insect bite, a splinter, cuts or a minor burn, you should have an antibacterial and antimicrobial ointment on hand. For just in case, of course – because mothers always want to be prepared.

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10. Soothing nappy rash cream

Sudocrem barrier cream - BIG W

Nappy rash happens. And to some babies more than others. But whenever or however it strikes, parents really know about it – because that red rash is sore and your baby is going to be pretty miserable, So choose a nappy rash cream that does all the jobs – soothing, healing and protecting your baby’s skin so it can be back to normal in no time at all.

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11. Snippy nail care set

Nail care kit for baby - BIG W

You know those gorgeous pearly white little nails you love to look at on fingers and toes? Before you know it, you are going to have to cut those things! In fact, some babies come out of the womb needing a nail clip. Incredible, but true. So arm yourself with the right tools for the job – don’t try and make your adult-sized clippers work on those teeny tiny nails – and you’ll get it done without any tears (yours) or drama (baby’s).

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12. Soft brush and comb set

Baby comb and brush set - BIG W

Your baby may not have a lot of hair yet – but what he does have is probably fine and tends towards the fluffy. So it needs some special care with tools made for the job. Choose a brush that is soft-bristled so it’s gentle against your baby’s scalp, and a wide-toothed comb so you can gently detangle any knots you might find without too many protests.

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13. Sparkly toothbrush set

Baby toothbrush set - BIG W

You’ll need to start caring for and cleaning your baby’s teeth as soon as they appear – and first teeth have often made an appearance by six months of age. So that’s a lot of teeth cleaning to be done, long before your baby is old enough to manage it on his own! Choose a set of toothbrushes made specially for babies so you can easily care for their gums just as well as emerging teeth.

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