9 life lessons your newborn is secretly teaching you

Posted in Newborn.

When I was a new mum I remember one night clearly, despite the newborn fog at the time. 

After feeding and settling my baby and then finally drifting off to sleep myself, I was jolted awake again.

“Waaa, waaa, waaa,” I heard from the bassinet at the end of our bed. I can’t do this AGAIN, I thought. I can’t get up again. I NEED sleep.  But I did.

As kissed my tiny baby’s peach fuzz hair and lay on the bed with him so he could feed (yet again), it occurred to me, my little one has taught me an important lesson. He has taught me that even when I think I can’t keep going, I can. He is making me stronger.

 If you are in the thick of it with a new baby, here are nine other lessons he’s teaching you right now.


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