This video of a nipple-biting breastfeeding baby will make your eyes water

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A video shared on Facebook shows a cheeky baby interpreting breastfeeding in his bracing style – and people have responded in surprising ways.

“This really hurts”

The clip shows a smiling baby repeatedly biting his mum’s nipple as he looks up at her (possibly grimacing) face. It’s hard to know why this baby was having repeated free reign on his mum’s beleaguered nipple, but fellow mamas reacted sympathetically.

“This really hurts,” one mum commented, “I should know I’m a breastfeeding mother to my 7-month-old baby boy and he does the same to me.”

“I can relate,” another posted. “My girls did the same thing and it was usually when they had enough so you just say ‘no’ and remove him from your breast.”

“Watching that makes my own nipples hurt, OMG,” someone else whimpered.

Posted by Ông Bố Hoàn Hảo on Monday, 20 August 2018

This writer can attest to the fact that this really, really DOES hurt (and is often only rectified by curling a finger into your baby’s cheek to coax their jaws apart – and away from your poor embattled boob.) #Shudder

“When a baby is breastfeeding correctly, he is not able to bite, because his tongue is over his bottom gum (and teeth),” experts at the Australian Breastfeeding Association point out, confirming these biting adventures are a temporary phase and might indicate other things are going on with the bite-y baby.

“It is when babies are not actively feeding that they may bite. This is usually at the beginning of the feed or at the end when you are not paying full attention to your baby, or they have had enough.”

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All or nothing?

Some Facebook commenters decided this biting game was a turning point in some other pretty dramatic and ill-advised ways.

“If he is my son, I will slap his bum,” one person wrote. Um. No. Do not do this. Babies do not comprehend this sort of violence disguised as discipline. A smack is not the answer.

“The first time my daughter bit my nipple it was last time we breastfed,” a mum admitted. “I bought a pump and fed her that way.” Again – no. There are lots of ways to tackle biting during breastfeeding, and it’s often a very short (although painful) phase that can be overcome.

Some people had a different view of this, saying that despite appearances this biting behaviour was not big painful at all.

“It hurts but mother can’t feel the hurt because baby is so sweet and lovely,” someone suggested. Um. No. It really does hurt, no matter HOW cute your baby is.

So stretchy!

While mums who have been through this experience are having flashbacks of the pretty excruciating pain this bite-y business can cause, the uninitiated are alarmed for other reasons.

“Why her nips look like sausages though?” one person rudely asked.

“Dayuuuuuuuuum, them things stretchy!” another correctly observed.

“My God!!” one traumatised Facebook user wrote. “How come be like this?? Seems I’m more afraid to get married.” #LOL


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