Tammin Sursok admits newborn days are best navigated half undressed

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Content note: This post discusses miscarriage. Tammin Sursok gave birth to her second child – a little girl named Lennon – last week. This week she updated followers on her mum life progress and revealed that she’s spending a LOT of time … half naked!

“No point wearing clothes”

“No point wearing clothes these days,” the former Home and Away and Pretty Little Liars star captioned a shot of herself breastfeeding teeny Lennon.

Tammin and her film director husband Sean McEwen are also parents to a five-year-old daughter named Phoenix.

Announcing Lennon’s birth on Instagram, Tammin simply posted “She’s here and she’s perfect”.

Ten days later she shared more details – including that her new baby girl was delightfully chunky – uploading a series of gorgeous family photos.

“Lennon Bleu Sursok-McEwen was born at 7.44am on January the 17th,” Tammin wrote alongside the pics. “Weighing 9.5 pounds and 19 inches long. She entered the world via C-Section. We are head over heels in love with her.”

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Happiness after loss

This baby is especially cherished because Tammin suffered two devastating miscarriages after Phoenix’s birth.

The couple then made the decision not to try for another baby, but Tammin fell pregnant again quickly and navigated a healthy pregnancy. Last week surprise baby Lennon made her appearance, safe and sound and much loved.

Tammin Sursok

Ahead of Lennon’s birth, Tammin admitted that it had been a challenging pregnancy emotionally and they had some trouble bonding with their unborn baby. The loss of her previous two pregnancies had understandably taken a real toll.

“I didn’t connect to this baby for so long,” she told Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy podcast.

“I think my husband did too. I was like, ‘Are you connected to this baby?’ And he was like, ‘I’m trying.’ And then it’s almost like, when the baby turned, I felt like we were communicating. [When] she could survive on her own [was] when I started to go, ‘This is real’.”

Huge congratulations to Tammin, Sean and Phoenix on little Lennon’s arrival. Wishing you so much happiness after a very tough few years.

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2017 left me unsure of the future of expanding our family. And now we are ending 2018, weeks/days away from giving birth to our baby girl. 2018 has taught me all about resilience and to have grace and dignity in the storm. It wasn’t a colorful year that was filled with travel and projects and huge accomplishments. But more with navigating everything that life threw at us and learning how to come out on the other side stronger and more grateful. Resolutions for me seem pointless as I know now that one can change the course of ones life on any day, on any moment, you don’t need a specific day to start anything. So I hope that 2019 will be filled with even more compassion and laughter and love. I’m excited to walk into it no matter how it may be. Lastly I want to remember the beautiful soul of my pup that graced us with his life for 13 years and for the community of women who this year have been my backbone. Here’s to 2019. I can’t wait you meet it and I can’t wait to meet HER ❤️

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