7 things you’ll miss about breastfeeding when your kids are grown

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I absolutely loved breastfeeding. Yes it was challenging in the beginning stages with each of my three babies, but for me it was such a special time that I lamented when it was over.

Here are the seven things I found I missed the most once my breastfeeding days were done and dusted.

1. The baby bond

There is nothing quite as magical as the time you spend close to your baby as you nourish him from your own body. It’s a great opportunity to gaze on your little one and appreciate the wonder that’s life. Once he gets bigger it will be hard to get him to sit with you for two minutes let alone half an hour, so relish this time while you can.

2. The convenience

You are literally a walking drink and snack all rolled into one. No need for heating up bottles, running out of supplies or carrying around lots of drinks or food with you – which is what happens when you have a toddler. Baby needs a feed? Just whip out your milk makers and you’re done. Breastfeeding is also particularly handy when you’re travelling, and it’s also totally free.

mum breastfeeding

3. The go-to comforter

Nothing settles an upset baby like a sweet suckle on their mother’s breast. Of course there are times when it might not work (reflux anyone?), but generally it can calm your bub down in an instant. It can really work wonders for a sick or distressed baby, or one that has trouble drifting off to sleep. Toys and blankies as comforters can help as children get older, but nothing beats the original milk soother.

4. The bazookers

I’m not gonna lie. I’m quite lacking in the breast department, so when I was breastfeeding I was finally able to see what all the fuss  was about. Sure my ladies were often engorged and prone to super powered leaky let downs, but they were there! Suddenly dresses and tops fit me like they never had before, and I had a newfound feeling of womanly sexiness. So if you’re flat-chested like me, you’re going to miss having those bazookers when your milk runs dry.

5. The liquid magic

It’s no secret that breast milk is pretty special stuff. It’s full of powerful nutrients to give your baby an immune boosting start in life. Baby formulas are a great alternative if you can’t breastfeed, but it’s pretty awesome to produce your own marvellous milk for your little one. At no other point in your life will you produce this incredible liquid again.

baby being breastfed 

6. The time-out

It is possible (and sometimes necessary!) to breastfeed on the go, but usually it’s one of the few times when you’re forced to sit down with your child and do nothing else but feed them. You don’t have the extra set of hands to allow you to be doing much else, so it’s a good excuse to stop and be still for a while – something mums rarely have a chance to do once kids get older. 

7. Being a provider

Breastfeeding is such a raw and natural act, and in this fast-paced world it’s nice to be able to do something that’s going back to basics. It’s incredibly empowering to nourish your bub with milk you’ve produced all on your own. Children grow up so fast and become independent now even earlier than before, so embrace this time because before you know it they’ll be running their own show and won’t need you anymore – at least not in such an intense way.

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