Mum donates 2.5 litres of breastmilk a day to babies who need it

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American mum of three Tabitha Frost has donated over 445 litres of breastmilk to babies who need it. She has a condition called hyperlactation syndrome, which means she produces a surplus amount of milk – more than she could possibly ever need to feed her eight-month-old baby.

I don’t know about you, but I find pumping milk really hard. It’s a lot of work, takes up time and I don’t find it an enjoyable activity at all, which makes this woman some sort of superhero in my eyes.

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Vacay milk stash ? I am donating all of this milk to a mom of four whose twin babies have a bleeding disease. They both have g-tubes and depend solely on breast milk. Their mama had surgery and lost her supply during recovery. So happy to help them, especially when I don’t have the means to transport this milk home with me. #milksharing #breastmilkdonation #milkdonor #breastmilkdonor #breastfeedingmom #pumpingmom #pumplife #liquidgold #liquidgoldmine #hm4hb #humanmilkforhumanbabies

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She told Good Morning America that she wanted to do something positive with her high-milk production, and now donates 2.5 litres a day to premature babies, whose mum’s milk hasn’t come in yet.

“I’m happy to help,” Tabitha said. “I see this as my way of being able to serve my community.”

This amazing mama pumps several times a day and documents her story on her Instagram account Liquid Gold Mine, sharing pictures of her jam-packed fridge full of precious breastmilk, ready to give away.

“There’s a pump in my bedroom,” Tabitha says. “I also have a station on the side of my couch in my living room. “I have a set-up in my car ready to grab wherever I go.”

Tabitha is so committed to her cause that she expresses milk wherever she goes, including while she’s holidaying and on date nights with her husband, who supports her 100 percent. And despite all the hard work and the time it takes to pump around the clock, Tabitha has no plans to stop. “I’ve gone so far,” she said. “It’s really all or nothing.”

If you’d like to donate your breastmilk to families who need it, Mother’s Milk Bank is a good place to start.


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