Ha! The comments on this pic of a breastfeeding rhino are pure GOLD

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It’s times like this that I thank the stars the internet exists. Yes, there’s lots to hate about the online world, but the comments section on this picture of a rhino breastfeeding her calf isn’t one of them.

In fact, it might be the funniest thing you’ve read on the interwebs for a while. Here’s what went down and why the internet had a field day.

Just a sweet nature snap

The photo of a mama rhino breastfeeding her calf was shared on The Milk Meg’s Facebook page, via the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden who first shared the image. 

It started off as innocent enough.

“Kendi will still nurse every now and then when Seyia will allow it.” Ah yes, don’t we all. ?{from Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden}

Posted by The Milk Meg on Thursday, 6 September 2018

“Kendi will nurse every now and then when Seyia allows it,” read the Milk Meg caption of the sweet picture of a mother rhino feeding her young.

But then commentators were quick to notice that Kendi’s ‘little one’ appears to be not that little. 

Before we delve into the absolute pot of commentary gold though, there are a few facts you need to know about rhinos first.

Rhino mums rule!  

Rhinoceros are basically pregnancy bosses, who carry their babies for 18 long months before giving birth to them. Whew, talk about swollen feet, hey?!

A rhino calf will typically only breastfeed for a week or two (according to Rhinosinfo.com). After this time, mum rhinos teach their babes how to subsist on local vegetation.

Kendi didn’t get the memo

For some reason though, neither Kendi or Seyia know these things about their species and Kendi is clearly living by the ‘what’s works for me and my baby is best’ motto. Go her!

If you, along with the rest of the internet are wondering what’s going on with this picture, thankfully those wise-cracking commentators have some theories …

Let the mum-shaming begin

“She’s obviously only doing this to seduce the other rhinos husbands,” mused Tegan Edwards.

Tsk, tsk.

Some commentators were quick to point out Kendi’s lack of breastfeeding modesty.

“All decent rhinos use zebra covers. What does she think this is, the Savannah? Yeesh!!! Management should re-home her to another zoo immediately!” says Ti Jette.

“Wow. Rhino boobs should only be seen on beaches or in lingerie ads. Have some dignity! I mean, I’m all for rhino breastfeeding, but …” added Jodie Morrison with some cheeky rolling on the floor with laughter emojis.

Sophie Kynoch added, “No nutritional value in rhino milk after 6 months didn’t they get the memo? She’s only doing it for herself.”

And then the judgement moved to other parenting choices …

“I bet they co-sleep too,” Athena Constantine chimed in.

The commentary just got better over the days with Kay Elliot insisting, “She’ll be nursing that Rhino way into university”. 


Sarah Hertrick had a point when she added, “She’s just setting herself up for separation and attachment issues, isn’t she? No wonder that baby doesn’t sleep through, not enough solids, too much milk.”

And then there was this one from Amy Sensory, which I feel like reaching through the computer screen and high fiving, “Surely it needs to go on cows milk? ?”

But the best mum-shaming comment of all, in my book anyway, was this one:

“Omg seriously Seiya, ANOTHER brelfie?!? ? Way to shame other Rhino mums that don’t breastfeed! *unfollow*” – from Kt Creatie 

Ah, I can’t even breathe!! 🤣🤣


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