What can your bub see now? The amazing development of baby vision in pictures

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You know when you pick up your squidgy newborn and he looks at you, but not quite? You may be wondering what he’s seeing. Well, amazingly your baby has been born with the physical ability to see, but will need about six to eight months for his brain to make sense of it all.

Here’s an explanation of what he’s seeing and when.


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Your tiny newborn's sight is very fuzzy. In fact, he can only focus on things about 8 to 12 inches away from him. Interestingly, this is about the distance from your breast to your face when he's feeding. Although he can detect light, shapes, and movement, it's all very blurry for him. Right now indulge him in lots of close snuggles and also high-contrast patterns such as a black and white checkerboard.

If you are at all concerned about your baby’s vision see your doctor. 


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