C’mon, first words! 16 tricks to develop your baby’s language and speech

Posted in Development.

When my youngest was around 17 months old I remember wondering when he’d start really talking. He could say “dadda,” but not much else. He seemed to understand most of what I said to him though, and was very good at communicating, only he didn’t use words. Then almost overnight, it was like a verbal explosion. Nowadays, I can’t shut him up!

The point is, all little ones develop in their own time and while first words tend to happen somewhere around the 12-18 month mark, some tots take a little longer reach this milestone.

Whenever your baby decides they’re ready to get talking, it’s important to remember that they’re picking up language skills from you and the other adults in their life, well before they open their mouths and surprise you by saying “ca” as they point to the toy car.

Here’s 16 ways you can encourage her speech and language development:


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