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7 environmentally friendly products to make your life greener AND easier

Want to live a greener life? Flex some eco-friendly muscle with these everyday products for busy families! 1. Reusable nappies While the thought of washing dirty nappies doesn’t sound like a very easy option, the environmental (and financial) gain wins out. Shaped just like a disposable nappy, check out Hippybottomus Stay-Dry Bamboo nappies for all […]

Need more storage? 5 innovative storage ideas from Ikea

Storage! The more you have the more you need, especially with kids. These fun and innovative storage ideas from Ikea will help you make the most out of every little bit of space, helping you stow everything away in a flash and achieve a clean, uncluttered and stylish room.  1. MÖJLIGHET bed pocket This cute […]