1. New Salt Water Sandals just in time for summer

    If you don’t know Salt Water Sandals, that haunting, shoe-shaped void you’ve been feeling is about to get filled. Salt Water makes beautiful, hardy sandals in almost every colour of the rainbow. Cult classics in the States, Salt Waters arrived in Australia five years ago

  2. Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress

    Hang around parenting social media sites for a while and you’re bound to notice one particular topic that gets people really riled – gender stereotyping. Marketing teams behind some brands of clothes, toys, books and even food, feel the need to distinguish between what’s created

  3. Etsy find of the day – wooden sports car set

    Give baby a head start when it comes to appreciating the classics with this set of wooden sports cars. There’s a Ferrari 250 GTO, Lamborghini Miura, Ford GT40, Porsche 911 Turbo and Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, all finished in non-toxic acrylic paints and varnish. $154 from Emanuel Rufo.

  4. Dapper baby boys dress in Oliver Cade

    Mothers of boys, don’t you feel a little grumpy that girls get all the best clothes? I do. There are ruffled dresses, tutus and sparkly leggings with heart patches on the knees, and the poor boys are stuck with khaki cargo pants and t-shirts. Boring.

  5. Top five news posts in June

    We presented some incredible parenting-related news posts last month – articles that infuriated Babyologists, got our online community talking, and had you all laughing. From tongue-in-cheek advice for parents to articles on victimised breastfeeding mums, June had it all.